Inspire Life Foundation and Zhongguancun Holding Company Announce Strategic Alliance to Propel the Revolutionary Metaverse Museum Project

Beijing, May 19, 2023 – The world of Web 3.0 is about to witness a monumental milestone as the Singapore-based Inspire Life Foundation, in a powerful partnership with China’s Zhongguancun Holding Company, is poised to reshape the digital landscape with their pioneering Metaverse Museum Project.

Led by Yang Mulia Datuk Paduka Seri Dr. HasnizalHj Hassan, the Permanent Advisor of Inspire Life Foundation, an impressive delegation including the organization’s Chief Operating Officer Dr. KY and Chief Financial Officer Ms. Ivy, visited Zhongguancun Village in Beijing. In a noteworthy ceremony, they joined forces with the esteemed management team of Zhongguancun Holding Company, helmed by Mr. Cao Yonggang. Together, they signed a significant strategic cooperation agreement to boost the groundbreaking Metaverse Museum Project.

The Metaverse Museum Project is a visionary endeavor that aims to create a unique fusion of technology, art, and culture in a digital universe. By signing this agreement, both organizations have demonstrated a strong commitment and robust support for this innovative project. Zhongguancun Holding Company has pledged its complete backing, promising to provide the Foundation with all the necessary resources for the project. In tandem, the Inspire Life Foundation is committed to driving the project forward, ensuring its successful launch and implementation.

The Inspire Life Foundation, a shining beacon in the world of Web 3.0, continues its quest to improve the quality of life through technological innovation. The Foundation has already earned substantial acclaim for its outstanding performance in the digital economy. The release of their CCGDS token in 2022 generated shockwaves across the industry, as its value skyrocketed by an extraordinary 3000-fold on the second day of its release.

Bearing this legacy of success, the Foundation’s Metaverse Museum Project is anticipated to shake the digital landscape again. The project’s new token will be released on July 18, 2023, setting the stage for a potential buying frenzy. Adding more excitement to this digital revolution, the project will also introduce a series of NFTs themed around China’s historic figures on August 31, 2023. The industry and the market are holding their breaths for these releases, expecting to witness another unprecedented surge in interest and value.

During the signing ceremony, Yang Mulia Datuk Paduka Seri Dr. HasnizalHj Hassan expressed his enthusiasm, “We are extremely excited about our cooperation with Zhongguancun Holding Company. We firmly believe that by combining our resources and expertise, we can jointly bring to life a cutting-edge Metaverse Museum. This digital space will offer an unparalleled virtual reality experience, blending history, art, and technology.”

This strategic cooperation between two industry giants is undoubtedly a catalyst for the Metaverse Museum Project. The partnership embodies a new era of transnational technological cooperation, fostering exchange and innovation between China and Singapore. This partnership signifies not only a powerful alliance but also a leap forward in the integration of technology, culture, and digital economies. The Metaverse Museum Project sets a promising precedent, pointing the way to the future of Web 3.0, and the world watches with bated breath as this revolutionary endeavor takes shape.

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