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Inside LIA: A Conversation with Hadi Brenjekjy

Inside LIA: A Conversation with Hadi Brenjekjy

Welcome to this exclusive Tech Bullion Podcast Blog! I’m your host Chris Kristian, and today, we have a special guest joining us for this episode. Hadi Brenjekjy is an Entrepreneur and Business Psychologist, Director of Business Development and Strategy, and a proud Board Member of London Intercultural Academy (LIA) and London Intercultural Centre (LIC) . Today, we will share with you a tour through the halls of education, innovation, and impact around the world.

What is London Intercultural Academy Centre (LIA)?

Chris Kristian (Host): Hadi, I truly appreciate your coming over here. Let’s dive right in.

London Intercultural Academy Centre (LIA) the first AI-empowered, online learning academy. What shone up this revolutionary mental model?

Hadi Brenjekjy: Great to make it, Chris! The LIA started out from the dream to change the traditional education pattern. We asked ourselves: One challenge may be in developing an accessible, accredited, inclusive, and globally impactful format for learning. The answer: AI. For a moment, try to picture an educational aide that can intelligently customise the lessons, comprehend the needs and satisfy the learners at their homes with quality educational tools. That is LIA.

Chris Kristian: Impressive! Nowadays, the question arises: what is a London Intercultural Academy offering as a result of its nine accreditations?

Hadi Brenjekjy: Chris, accreditations are our cornerstone. They assess the high quality of our programs. Let’s say you are in the process of handling leadership skills or tackling artificial intelligence, these badges matter. They are like thumbs up using which we can say that ‘Now this knowledge is genuine’ and this is one of the important reasons why is London Intercultural Academy distinctive.

Chris Kristian: So, what about the Ghana association with Knutsford University, let’s hear about that next.

Hadi Brenjekjy: Chris, for us, the cooperation with Knutsford University is the decisive factor. We are bridging continents. Suppose it will be a student from Accra at a leadership workshop together with person from London. The move to a digital classroom eliminates borders. It is literally a “you can do it” attitude, changing education and technology towards inclusivity.

We at London Intercultural Academy, are partnering with Knutsford University, Ghana to help their digital transformation concerning quality and quantity delivery of content and materials from Britain to Ghana which is the gateway to the West Africa. The aim here is to get rid of all the barriers that prevent everyone from learning and making it possible for them to learn at any time at any place they are.

Chris Kristian: For this year, preparing the course catalog… 400 courses! What secret can be used to keep it diverse while having a unified plot?

Hadi Brenjekjy: Chris, it comes down to formats. Our curriculum comprises leadership training, human resource development, diversity and inclusivity classes, and physical wellness courses as well. Every format finds its own pace. We promote the idea that multiple and diverse skills and knowledge is needed to surf our interconnected and challenging global world. 

Chris Kristian: Lastly, Hadi, I would like to ask this. What LIA is destined to leave as a legacy?

Hadi Brenjekjy: Chris, I want LIA to be seen as a space where empowerment is realised. When a learner actually remarks, “I figured it out through LIA” I want it to engage, incite careers, and unite cultures. Education, you should know, is a limitless experience and an enriching one at that. That is our legacy.

Chris Kristian: Thank you, Hadi so much, for that wonderful conversation. For our audience, discover and expand and let us stay in tune all the time on LIA podcast and blog. Until next time!

Hadi Brenjekjy: Thank you for hosting me Chris

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