InQubeta versus Meme Coins: Why Utility Will Outlast Hype Every Time!


The success of the InQubeta (QUBE) presale serves as evidence that utility-focused cryptocurrency projects will always have the edge over meme coins like Dogecoin (DOGE). Dogecoin has enjoyed more mainstream attention than many cryptocurrency projects that provide real value as tech gurus like Elon Musk hyped it up in 2021. Despite all the free publicity, Dogecoin never came close to the dollar mark and its prices have been declining ever since Musk called it a “hustle.”

Projects like InQubeta don’t have to worry about emotionally-charged investors driving their prices downward thanks to excellent token economics and high-value utility. The InQubeta project aims to serve as a platform for artificial intelligence (AI) startups to raise the funds they need to innovate. It does this by creating a more accessible investment platform than mainstream investment avenues. 

InQubeta provides a win-win scenario for the AI industry and those looking to invest in it while performing all the other functions of cryptocurrency. 

InQubeta’s (QUBE) presale growth shows the dominance of utility over hype in the cryptocurrency space

Meme coins like Dogecoin can be fun to play with for investors who know what they’re doing and don’t get greedy, but there’s no long-term potential. Dogecoin has a limitless token supply which prevents its tokens from ever seeing significant price increases since more tokens are regularly being dumped and sold on exchanges by miners. Just as is the case with fiat currencies, the more Dogecoin that’s added to the total supply, the lower the value of all existing tokens. 

InQubeta, on the other hand, provides solutions to existing issues in the financial sector. Many traditional firms have elitist barriers that often discourage potential investors or prevent them from using their services. Examples of these barriers include a need for connections for entry or having to meet net worth requirements that only the top 10% of the global population can meet. InQubeta opens up an alternative investment medium for those who don’t have access to mainstream investment firms or prefer the decentralized nature of blockchain systems. 

Artificial intelligence is one of the fastest-growing technological fields, so InQubeta’s presale couldn’t be better timed as millions of investors need easier access to investment opportunities. Investors have been extremely bullish toward companies that push innovations in artificial intelligence in the past several years with the total invested reaching $120 billion in 2022. This trend isn’t expected to stop anytime soon with investments in AI anticipated to exceed $1.5 trillion in several years. 

Utility-based projects like InQubeta will get to funnel some of these funds into AI startups that need them, pushing advancements in the space while giving investors opportunities to earn exponential profits. 

How it works

AI startups that want to secure capital on the InQubeta network must first go through a thorough evaluation phase before being allowed to make equity-based non-fungible tokens on the network. These tokens are bought by investors with $QUBE tokens, granting them partial ownership while the firms get the funding they need. 

Memecoins will always be risky investments

Early Dogecoin investors made substantial profits in 2021 and early 2022, but the potential for significant growth in the future is limited. Dogecoin, like most cryptocurrencies, provides an alternative way to transfer capital and its low prices keep fees minimal. 

Its biggest drawback is its limitless token supply which makes any value assigned to the current supply meaningless since there will be infinitely more tokens added in the future. Many other meme coins are facing the same predicament. 


InQubeta’s presale shows that while cryptocurrency investors might have some fun with meme coins, it’ll always be the utility-based projects like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and InQubeta that draw in the most investors. InQubeta’s fixed token supply, deflationary protocols, and the investment opportunities it provides while pushing the growth of AI have been a huge success with investors. 

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