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Inoperable & Non-Running Vehicle Transport

Vehicle Transport

There is a great paradox in the car business – you never want to drive so much as in the case when you have an inoperable vehicle. All means of transportation that do not work just fill too much space that would potentially bring you profit. In such a situation, your greatest desire would probably be to get rid of this junk for good or until it works properly.

Nowadays, there are a bunch of ways for inoperable vehicle transport. If your old car, truck, or any other vehicle is broken due to the most unfortunate turn of events, you can always ask for qualified help with transportation. Shipcar24, being one of the most trusted companies in the field, provides a rapid solution to your transportation troubles, specifically transporting unworkable autos.

We have proudly collected the most qualified personnel and high-performance equipment to ensure safe vehicle relocation. We have achieved our greatest goal of making relocation fast and easy at a very decent rate. If you are ever in need of the best specialists in the field, just drop us a message, and our managers will process the request in an instant. No matter your vehicle’s level of damage, we guarantee secure transportation to its point of destination, whatever it might be.

How does a non-running vehicle look?

Usually, it looks damaged, therefore, it is unsafe to drive. It may happen due to several reasons, such as problems with electrical coverage, engine, or any other inner parts of the car mechanism. There can also be some visible damage to a carcass too dangerous to drive the car. Whatever the cause for such a condition, the auto must be transported. This can be done with the help of inoperable vehicle transport services.

Reasons why a car does not work

Overall, there are three main reasons why a single vehicle is inoperable. First of all, the key to a car might have been lost or simply not available. In this case, most likely, the vehicle will not be loaded on a trailer by a winch, only by a forklift. It should be discussed in advance, as the forklift must be present at a destination point.

Second of all, there might be some mechanical troubles preventing the car from rolling or steering. Even in such difficult situations, a solution exists, and it is workable. We recommend using a forklift to load and unload the car.

Third of all, collision damage might cause severe troubles in terms of transportation. If you have an unfortunate tendency to get into a mess and all of it has resulted in a car accident, you know you can rely on our service to relocate your car to whatever place you need. Tow trucks are rather expensive and not affordable to everyone. That is why we have made our service budget friendly and pleasant for our clients.

How much does it cost?

The cost will be calculated based on the general condition of the car. Of course, if a vehicle cannot roll or be steered, the price will be higher. Cars with some severe damage may require additional equipment. As a result, the total cost of service may vary considerably.

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