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Innovative Strategies for Digital Marketing Success: Insights from Maryam Ehsan CEO of Market Pro

Innovative Strategies for Digital Marketing Success: Insights from Maryam Ehsan CEO of Market Pro

Digital marketing is worth $460 billion, and the reason lies behind the sheer amount of time people spend on the internet, making it the #1 marketing choice by enterprises. There are 3rd party firms providing businesses with the ability to enhance their online visibility through handling digital marketing campaigns and creating strategies for enterprises. Market Pro is one of them, delivering growth-oriented marketing strategies and positively impacting businesses.

In this episode, we’re interviewing the person behind Market Pro: its CEO and Co-founder, Maryam Ehsan. We’ll ask Maryam about her professional life, challenges, and how she overcame those tough times and led the business.

Please introduce yourself and share a bit about yourself, including your educational background.

Hello, I am Maryam Ehsan, CEO and Co-founder of Market Pro. I was born in Pakistan and completed my education nationally. In 2017, I did my BS. (Hons.) in Accounting & Finance from Kinnaird University. Following my undergraduate studies, I pursued my passion for business by obtaining a Master of Science degree in Banking and Financial Economics from GCU in 2019. Since childhood, I have been passionate about entrepreneurship and helping others in the industry through my distinctive and innovative services.

How did you start in the field of digital marketing?

Starting a career in digital marketing wasn’t planned. In 2019, just after my MS, I found myself intending towards digital marketing. I applied at Programmers Force, the company interviewed, and l got hired as a Team Lead of the content department.

I got deep into digital marketing and learned how PPC, SEO, SMM, and content marketing work, influencing me to do something innovative and revolutionary. I wanted to start a full-scale digital marketing company to provide global businesses with out-of-the-box and result-driven marketing strategies. Eventually, I leapt and co-founded Market Pro in 2021.

What was your vision behind Market Pro and what challenges did you set out to resolve? 

My vision behind Market Pro was to provide businesses with full-spectrum, data-driven digital marketing services capable of providing leads and conversions to clients seeking a strong online presence. The creation of Market Pro was based on my interest in digital marketing, my enthusiasm for running my own business, and filling the gap in the industry. At that time, the internet was evolving, and more and more companies were shifting their operations online due to COVID-19, bringing a monumental shift from traditional marketing methods to digital marketing

I planned to bridge the gap between evolving internet trends, making them usable for advertising businesses and enabling them to reach a wider audience locally or globally. It was based on providing businesses with an efficient and lead-oriented model.

What challenges did you face at the start of the business?

Like any other new person in the business, I also faced multiple challenges, failures, and tough times. The early days weren’t easy, but I never got disappointed and continued to work hard. The biggest challenge was gaining clients’ trust for a new marketing agency with a minimum portfolio. We started offering demos to the clients, showed them our potential, and conducted campaigns that yielded positive results for them.

As our strategies consistently delivered results, businesses began partnering with Market Pro, leading to the growth of our portfolio. Today, we’re working with multiple international clients, running 1,00+ campaigns, and I foresee further growth by partnering with multiple clients and developing new marketing strategies as per the demands and trends.

In your point of view, what is the most crucial factor in the success of a business?

The business should adapt its operations, products, and offerings to market trends. Especially in our field of digital marketing, people are still determining when a new technology will replace the old methods. For instance, today, AI-based digital marketing is what businesses seek, replacing conventional marketing methods.

Failing to stay up-to-date with the market is the most common reason for failure. Another thing I suggest here is that businesses focus on R&D and introduce innovations in the market. It includes new products, optimizing existing products, enhancing operations, or other things that can help clients better than before.

What existing needs does the ecosystem of solutions you offer cover for your customers, and in which industries is it primarily focused?

We cover a range of marketing strategies, including but not limited to PPC, SEO, content marketing, website development, affiliate marketing, SMM and PR distribution. Whether clients need to raise brand awareness or gain leads and conversions on the internet, Market Pro assists them in achieving their goals.

Our clients aren’t restricted to any industry. Whether it’s an eCommerce, Fintech, accounting, SaaS provider, or Entertainment, any business looking to market itself on the Internet can be a customer of Market Pro.

What are your plans for Market Pro?

I predict a prosperous future for Market Pro. Our client’s satisfaction rate is going exceptional, marketing campaigns are giving positive business results, and I foresee an optimistic tomorrow. We plan to expand the coverage in other countries and open offices internationally to reach foreign clients. Additionally, we’re targeting to expand our workforce and focus on their training and well-being.

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