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Innovative Social Wagering Platform GoWagr Redefines Casual Betting


In a world where informal wagers amongst friends can often lead to disputes and unreliable outcomes, three entrepreneurs, Daniel Oladepo, Oluwaleke Fakorede, and Michael Okoko, have set out to revolutionize the social gaming and betting landscape with their peer-to-peer wagering app, GoWagr.

The inspiration behind GoWagr stems from the founders’ personal frustrations with traditional wagering practices. Daniel, Oluwaleke, and Michael, who shared a history of collaboration and friendship since their university days, frequently found themselves on the losing end of wagers due to lack of commitment and trust among participants. A pivotal moment occurred when one of the founders fell victim to a scam within a supposed Fantasy Premier League contest, highlighting the need for a more secure and trustworthy wagering platform.

GoWagr was born out of our collective frustrations with unreliable informal wagering practices,” says Daniel Oladepo, co-founder of GoWagr. “We wanted to create a platform that not only simplifies the process, but also fosters trust and confidence among participants.” By providing a secure and transparent environment, GoWagr aims to revolutionize the way people engage in friendly wagers. With features like easy tracking and secure payment processing, users can focus on the excitement of competition without worrying about the logistics. Our goal is to build a community that values fairness, sportsmanship, and fun.

Unlike traditional wagering platforms, GoWagr offers a unique approach to social wagering by empowering users to bet on virtually anything, from sports debates to gaming challenges, fostering a sense of community within its ecosystem. The platform’s social marketplace allows users to post wagers for others to pick up, further enhancing engagement and interaction among its users.

One of GoWagr’s standout features is its commitment to customization, autonomy, and unparalleled transparency. While other platforms limit wagering options to pre-populated events, GoWagr allows users to create and participate in wagers tailored to their preferences, from sports to politics to gaming.

In addition to its core features, GoWagr is also expanding its product offerings to cater to specific ecosystems with the greatest affinity for the platform. Echo by GoWagr, the platform’s first product extension, is a unique solution for Fantasy Premier League managers, allowing them to create group pool contests securely, and participate in free-to-play, play-to-earn, and premium contests. 

The Fantasy Premier League suffers high churn as there are limited opportunities for managers, leading to disinterest just a few weeks after the football season starts. This product line was also built to bridge this gap and give managers opportunities for rewards and incentives for the game they love.

Despite being in public beta for just 11 months, GoWagr has already achieved remarkable success, demonstrating the vast potential of its innovative platform. With over 35,000 users already on board, the platform has facilitated an impressive 50,000 completed wagers, showcasing its ability to bring people together and make friendly wagering a seamless experience. Moreover, GoWagr has achieved approximately $1 million in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) without relying on external fundraising, a testament to its lean and efficient operations. This rapid growth and traction validate the platform’s value proposition and hint at a promising future for GoWagr.

“Our goal is to continue expanding globally, scaling our platform to millions of users, and becoming the go-to platform for anyone looking to engage in informal wagers,” says Oladepo.

With a focus on innovation, disruption, and customer satisfaction, GoWagr is poised to revolutionize how friends and even strangers settle informal wagers and bets, making betting with friends safe, easy, and enjoyable for everyone.

For more information about GoWagr and to join the community, visit Follow GoWagr on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for the latest updates.


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