Innovative Social Music Experience with Crypto: Interview with Sarah Figueroa, founder of Geojam.


Constellation Network recently announced the integration of the social media music app, Geojam. Geojam is harnessing Constellation’s Hypergraph Transfer Protocol (HGTP) to create its own platform token, $JAM, bringing blockchain and cryptocurrency opportunities to the music industry. In this interview with TechBullion, Sarah Figueroa, founder of Geojam will be telling us more about the social media for music and the opportunities available.

Give us a bit of background on Geojam? 

Geojam was founded in 2020 by myself and Sam Krichevsky, our Chief Operating Officer, and shortly after Justin Rosenbaum, our Chief Growth Officer joined the team as well. Our mission is to provide a space for fans to engage with the music and artists they love in ways they can’t find anywhere else. We’re built for all types of artists and fans. Both the casual listener and superfan can share and stream music and acquire merch from their favorite artists. On the artist side, our goal is to create experiences that allow both well-known and emerging artists to share their passions with fans and create a deeper connection with them. I’m sure we’ll dive into this further here, but we recently announced some exciting news as well. We’ve partnered with Constellation Network, an emerging leader in blockchain and crypto technologies, to officially develop and release the pre-sale of $JAM, a cryptocurrency token that will be utilized within Geojam. This token launch is a tremendous milestone for the company, and we’re so excited to share it with the world.  

Why did you start the company? 

I’ve always been passionate about music. From being a young child and listening to Cuban music with my family to blasting punk rock with my friends in high school, my love of music has been a constant throughout my life. When I entered the professional world, I knew I wanted to work in the entertainment or music industry. I was working with a sponsorships company and would be in meeting after meeting, realizing that artists were always craving more interaction with fans that meant something, interactions that provided value for everybody. This kind of engagement wasn’t happening at the time, and as a fan, I knew there had to be a better way to connect with artists. I started running the idea of what’s now Geojam by a few people here and there and brought the idea to my now co-founder Sam who I knew professionally at the time. He worked with early-stage startups throughout his career and loved the concepts I was bringing to him. We decided to officially take the leap in late 2019 into early 2020 and started the company.  

What made you decide to explore cryptocurrency/blockchain capabilities?

 As we were building and growing Geojam, we experimented with different points systems (originally called Jam Points) that would reward our users for activity on the app. The problem, however, was that the only way those points equated to value was if you were exchanging them for artist merchandise, or experiences in our Jam Shop. We felt like this was just the tip of the iceberg regarding how fans and artists could benefit from engagement on our platform. I had personally been investing in cryptocurrencies for years. I knew that if we could get the right partner, utilizing crypto tokens and running Geojam on the blockchain would be a fantastic opportunity for our users to leverage their passion in a meaningful way. Fast forward to the recent launch of our token, $JAM, and we’re now making that vision a reality.  

How did you get involved with Constellation Network? 

As I mentioned above, we had a vision of leveraging decentralized currency but never had the connections or technology to bring our ideas in this space to life. We came across Constellation Network and were lucky enough to be accepted into their exclusive incubator program that helps non-crypto tech companies build blockchain technology using various tools they have in place. We recently distributed our token whitepaper, an overview of exactly what the token is and how it works. Constellation Network’s leadership was invaluable during that process. We’re so excited about the future of $JAM, and that’s because of what Constellation brings to the table for us.  

What is $JAM for those who aren’t familiar with crypto tokens?

 I’d encourage those looking to do a deeper dive into $JAM to check out the token’s whitepaper, which can be found here. When you’re looking into the workings of a crypto token, there are so many layers to unpack. $JAM is a way for those utilizing Geojam to benefit from their engagement. Again, please refer to our whitepaper for more information, as we’re incredibly proud of it!  

How will $JAM change the relationship between artists and fans?

 Essentially, we are allowing artists and fans to leverage their collective influence in a way that’s never been done before to shape their experience, build new opportunities, and provide a way for them to earn together. $JAM is a currency within our ecosystem that both artists and fans can own, which in turn bridges the gap between them by allowing both to contribute and benefit from the same pool of finances. Artists have demonstrated a desire to engage deeper with their fans by offering unique experiences on Geojam, while fans have also demonstrated a desire to engage with their favorite artists. With $JAM, reward incentives will remain a key benefit to the community while also empowering them to monetize their fandom. 

Can you explain the tech behind $JAM, what makes it unique?

 $JAM is a combination of advancements of decentralized finance with real-world experiences. Fans earn $JAM tokens for engaging in the crowds and activities they are passionate about, which can be used to support those same crowds and creators and traded for access to real-world experiences, merchandise, and eventually NFT’s. We are passionate about the concept of being rewarded for being a fan. 

How will $JAM change the future of your company?

 $JAM will open up so many avenues of creativity and engagement that we’re just beginning to unwrap as the token gets off the ground. The interest so far in our telegram channel and social media has been incredible. I think, generally speaking, the token will allow us, our partners, our fan users, and artists to all be connected in a way that’s impactful for everybody. The token is growing our community and bringing so much creativity to the forefront that’s only unlocked by blockchain technology and the ability to have a financial connection to something. These are going to be powerful growth drivers for Geojam in the future. 

If you wanted to purchase $JAM, how can one do so?

 Users will be able to purchase $JAM tokens in four different ways: Through the Stargazer Wallet on Geojam (Constellation’s multi-asset cryptocurrency wallet), private pre-sale, public sale on the Lattice Launchpad, or centralized and decentralized exchanges. 

Anything else you’d like to add? 

Social media for music is here! I’d encourage anybody reading this to download our iOS app and give Geojam a try. –

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