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Innovative Fundraising Strategies for Cheerleaders

cheerleader fundraising ideas

Raising funds is an essential process for every cheerleading squad. It helps meet various costs including uniforms, equipment repair, competition entry fees, and travel expenses. While traditional fundraising methods like bake sales and car washes continue to be popular, it is important to explore innovative strategies that can boost income generation. The aim is to reach a wider audience and make the process more fun and engaging for both participants and donors. This article explores eight innovative fundraising strategies that cheerleading squads can utilise to raise more funds.

Crowdfunding Believe Bracelets

Believe bracelets serve as physical reminders of inspiration and faith. They can be creatively designed with unique cheer slogans and sold online through popular crowdfunding platforms. This campaign forms one of the most effective cheerleader fundraising ideas. Selling these bracelets not only provides a direct source of funds but also boosts team spirit and allows cheerleaders to connect with a broader donor base.

Virtual Dance Challenge

Virtual fundraisers have become increasingly popular due to their wide reach and easy accessibility. A virtual dance challenge can be organised whereby participants submit their dance videos. Others pay a voting fee to support their favourite performances. This strategy taps into the popularity of dance trends on social media and encourages engagement from supporters.

Online Fitness Class

Cheerleaders are fit individuals who can inspire others with their energy levels and skills. They can conduct online fitness classes to raise money for the squad. These classes not only generate funds but also enable cheerleaders to share their expertise with a wider group of people.

Charity Auction

A charity auction allows cheerleading squads to auction items donated by local businesses or personal belongings such as signed photographs or cheerleading gear. This cash-infusion strategy is highly successful as it benefits both the cheer squad and the winning bidders who take home unique items.


Sponsorship is another innovative fundraising strategy that cheerleading squads can utilize. Local businesses often seek to engage with the community in a meaningful way, and sponsoring a cheerleading squad can be an excellent opportunity for them. This mutually beneficial relationship allows the business to gain exposure while the cheer team gets funding and other forms of support.

Mobile Apps Fundraisers

The rise of technology has led to innovative ways of raising funds through mobile apps. Apps like Snap! Raise or Fundly allow individuals or groups to create personalized fundraising campaigns easily. Cheerleading squads can harness the power of such apps to reach a larger audience, track donations in real-time, and communicate with potential donors more effectively.

Selling Customized Merchandise Online

Selling customized merchandise online using platforms like Etsy or Zazzle is another effective fundraising strategy for cheerleaders. This could include items like T-shirts featuring the team logo, mugs with motivational quotes, or calendars featuring pictures of the team in action. Apart from raising funds, this strategy also boosts team visibility.


While tradition is important in many aspects of life, it is essential not to forget innovation when devising ways of fundraising for cheerleading squads. Innovative strategies offer multiple benefits including reaching a larger audience, increasing engagement levels, creating a fun experience for all involved, and ultimately increasing the amount of funds raised. By embracing these strategies alongside more traditional ones, cheers squads can build stronger relationships with their supporters while securing much-needed resources.

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