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Innovative Ecodyst Rotary Evaporators Bring Solutions for Dry Ice Crisis

A closer look into the logistics industry will reveal the importance of the dry ice supply chain. Unfortunately, its supply is almost perpetually inadequate compared to its increasing demand. For instance, some medicines, like vaccines, require temperatures as low as -70°C during transport and storage, and this requires a constant supply of dry ice. Important demands like this often strain the supply chain of dry ice, which is indispensable across various industries. 

Food processing facilities, including wineries, meat processing plants, and bakeries, rely on dry ice to maintain critical temperatures to prevent spoilage, delay fermentation, and inhibit bacterial growth. Laboratories use dry ice, particularly for rotary evaporators, which require effective cooling to vaporize solvents properly. 

In situations of shortages, laboratories turn to recirculating chillers as a replacement for dry ice. However, these chillers come with multiple drawbacks. They take a long time to reach the desired temperature, the cooling power decreases at the temperature drop, they are bulky pieces of equipment that occupy a lot of space, and they also require a significant amount of liquid coolant. 

This is where Ecodyst has stepped in as the innovative leader, addressing the persistent issue of dry ice shortage. With its two groundbreaking products, the EcoChyll X1 and the Hydrogen, the brand is striving to create a permanent and effective solution to the challenges faced by dry ice supply systems. 

The EcoChyll X1 is a Smart-Cooling Chiller and Condenser designed for rotary evaporators and other distillation equipment. With a cooling capacity of 602 watts at -10°C and 248 watts at -35°C, it eliminates the need for dry ice. This equipment has a small footprint, a smart self-cooling condenser with chemical-resistant coils, and a huge surface area. The EcoChyll X1 ensures continuous availability and energy efficiency with no additional operational expenses. 

The Hydrogen rotary evaporator by Ecodyst boasts a solvent recovery throughput of up to 3L of ethanol per hour. Similar to EcoChyll X1, Hydrogen employs innovative technology to eliminate the need for dry ice, recirculating chillers, and water. With a compact footprint of just 1.8 square feet, the rotary evaporator is specifically designed to meet high-performance needs. It is a self-cooling system that dramatically reduces electricity consumption and also eliminates the need to change chiller fluids. Hydrogen rotary evaporators can reduce the temperature to -10°C in one minute and can reach -35°C in just five minutes.

Ecodyst’s solutions come with significant benefits, including saving substantial operating costs by reducing over 50% of electricity usage. With EcoChyll X1 and Hydrogen rotary evaporator, it’s time to bid farewell to the messy tubing and leaks of traditional systems. 

With Ecodyst’s innovative products, dry ice shortage will hopefully become a thing of the past. EcoChyll X1 and Hydrogen are thoughtfully designed to provide immediate and reliable cooling. They feature advanced digital displays for optimal control, remote functionality for data transmission and PC control, and robust safety features like overheating protection and automatic motor lift. 

As the dry ice supply chain continues to grapple with rising demand, Ecodyst’s commitment to innovation ensures its products evolve to meet this growing need in the market. Hydrogen rotary evaporator and EcoChyll X1 are not just a solution to a temporary problem but a step toward a more sustainable and efficient future in laboratory operations.


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