Innovative Blockchain Powered Loyalty Platform; Interview with Antony Chang, CEO of 2local

Blockchain Loyalty

Antony Chang is the CEO & Founder of 2local, a Blockchain 3.0 powered loyalty platform connecting local marketplaces. Antony will be telling us more about 2local in this interview.

We all know your name but still, please introduce yourself?

Experienced leader with a demonstrated history of working in the management of big commercial building projects. Working project-based and by system engineering really helped me a lot by leading software development teams. Skilled in Business Planning, Processes, Organizational Specialist, Coaching, and Team Building. Strong entrepreneurship professional working at multiple projects.

Your project 2local, what is it about, can you give us a brief?

2local is building a loyalty platform powered by its own ultra-fast blockchain that supports local-2-local and sustainability. It is tapping into banking with L2L native coins which are designed to rise in value as part of a cashback system. The goal is to achieve a sustainable world with prosperity for all.

What is Blockchain 3.0?

More importantly, what can Blockchain 3.0 do for us? It is highly scalable, ultra-fast, cost-effective, and does highly efficient transactions. Consuming only a fraction of the energy Ethereum or Bitcoin does, so very sustainable.

What makes 2local stand out from all of the other crypto projects?

2local is the only project who builds a part of the cashback system into the blockchain, so not on top in a smart contract. Having a predetermined coin flow, a smart-trading algorithm for ensuring a rising exchange rate. This all for sharing the profit of the coin with everyone who uses our L2L coin for sustainable or local-2-local businesses, so not holding or staking the coin just using it.

How will 2local connect local companies for its marketplace?

We are now recruiting 2local representatives all over the world to connect sustainable or locally working companies. Offering affiliated bonuses for representatives and companies, which are (already) visible in our app.

What is your vision and the goal you want to ultimately achieve with 2local?

The goal is to achieve a sustainable world with prosperity for all. For this I will explain further how we see sustainable companies, these are companies that are profitable in the long-term, protect the environment and natural resources, and contribute to social equality and equity.
Sustainable companies also invest in personal, education, good work, and payment conditions, to provide the conditions for growth in education, job, and social environment.

What was your motivation behind starting 2local? What difficulties did you face?

Satoshi Nakamoto created the blockchain as an opportunity to give the people the power to rule over themselves. Something that has never been seen before in the history of civilization. For this, we have to overcome a few problems bitcoin has, too much fluctuating exchange rate, scalability, not profiting from a rising exchange rate when using it only when you holding it, using too much energy (mining), etc

What are the current exchange listings and how do you plan to expand in the near future?

We have done/doing IEO’s at P2PB2B and LATOKEN, and we are planning the next IEO on a Tier-1 exchange to do the last IEO in December on a famous Tier-1 exchange to list afterward.

What is the significance of L2L Token?

L2L is the native coin of a newly built blockchain. The first with an integrated cashback system, ERC-721 compatible with other projects to build their token on. The first with a coin design for a steady rising exchange rate, by a pre-detriment payment flow and smart trading algorithm. The first to share the wealth of the blockchain with the people who use the coin for purchases from sustainability or locally working companies. 2local of the people, by the people, for the people.

Why should anyone invest in L2L Token?

Do you want to be the one who made it possible for us to pass through a world of everyone, with a cryptocurrency providing a worldwide collaboration giving wealth on a local level?
Being part of making the blockchain successful for all the people.
Or be also part of the 2local community or just invest in a token which will become a coin designed to rise in value.

Any message for investors?

To make 2local really of the people we are selling shares of a total of 10 times 0,5% and 10 times 1,5% stake for resp. $5K and $15K each. In the selection of participants, the aim will be to have as much diversity in the countries of residency as possible. The register is open to subscribing at

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