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Innovative ‘Bias of the Day’ App Displays Real Time Market Bias for Traders

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  • The S&P 500 Index Fund continues to hold steady
  • Dow Jones is likely looking to break free from base
  • Nasdaq 100 remains status quo
  • ‘’Game Changing’’ Market Bias App Grasps Traders’ Attention on a global level

Stocks have continued to hold firm following the recent dip that the S&P 500 index fund experienced- displaying a robust trend-line since October 2020. 

At the moment, prices are resting on the highs experienced a couple weeks ago, with the possibility of a small base forming before the SPX presumes its prolific push upwards.

If in the future the market sees a bit of weakness here, the possibility persists that the October trend-line will likely propel into a more significant focus point. 

The Dow Jones index has been practically flat for the last 3.0 months, but this is always subject to change if the previous period proves to have been a basing pattern. For example, a breakout may commence.

Market bias is the ‘main’ opinion of the majority of traders in the current currency market- presuming everybody has equal access to the numerous economic announcements and discussions as soon as they are released. Indubitably, there are no secrets to forex- the information is released as soon as it is available.

Traditionally, as soon as the newest bit of information is announced, for example, the latest CPI report for the government of the US, every single trader in the market will have access to the results.

Of course, that does not mean that the it is necessarily easy to ‘’translate’’ or understand, which is one of the main reasons why more and more professional and layman traders are choosing to rely on automated, real time app software that records all of that information for them in real time- saving a prolific amount of both time and money. 

Today’s e-commerce centric and internet powered world pragmatically means that- given the information’s rather accessible nature, market biases can be affected quite significantly, and consequently it is crucial to ensure that you have a ‘’real time’’ insightful alternative that can guide you towards making the most correct, efficacious choices. 

Certain websites and apps, for example, can be- and have been used to help expedite one’s holistic knowledge and awareness of the sector. 

Brent Phillips- a prominent entrepreneur, investor, and tech colossal, has launched the innovative app known as Bias of the Day. The app has already been very well received, amassing significant support in a very tight timeframe. 

Below we will discuss the app’s purpose, the plethora of ways in which it can be used, and its most exclusive and valuable features. 

Always remember, the epitome of the definition of a market bias is shaped around the premise of wholly accessible information.

Bias of the Day App: Innovative Technology

The newly developed Bias of the Day app incorporates industry leading technology to allow its users to easily and quickly see the current market biases in real time.

The home screen provides a snapshot for each index on the US market- including the Nasdaq 100, the S&P 500, and the dow jones 30, as well as a summary view of the top ten banks, corporations and tech companies in the area. This includes the symbol, last price, changing price, and current market cap- all in real time. 

On the left side of the menu, a navigation tool provides a detailed view for each specified index; this comes with a dynamic icon that alters how it looks depending on the degree of market bias. If the market is rather bearish, for example, the indexes will appear in the colour red.

For the more experienced traders looking to dive into the more complicated areas of the industry, the app provides an option to select an index which takes you to a dedicated page for that index- delineating the: a) market chart (from a couple of months ago to real time), b) bias percentage, and c) plethora of news statistics and announcements that relate directly to the top ten weighted stocks in the chosen index. 

“It’s easy to see the current market bias at a glance”-Brent Phillips. Founder and current CEO of Bias of the Day.

Final Words: Scope of Application?

Overall, the scope of application of the new Bias of the Day app seems to be extremely broad. 

Having just recently been released, the app (and its founder) undoubtedly have a bright, exciting future ahead of them.

We hope you enjoyed reading.

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