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Innovate The Future of Web3 Gaming with Monsterra To Cosmoss Up To $20,000 Event!

Enter the Cosmos, Experience GameFi Magic, and Win Big in the “Monsterra to Cosmos” Event

Prepare for an extraordinary gaming adventure as Monsterra – the leading multi-chain NFT Game, takes the gaming experience to celestial heights with the launch of Aura Network, marking the step into the Cosmos ecosystem. This groundbreaking endeavor is more than just a leap; it’s a cosmic odyssey that will reshape the gaming landscape and ignite excitement among GameFi die-hard fans.

Monsterra extends an invitation to the cosmic extravaganza that will revolutionize the gaming universe with a wide array of exciting events. From featuring exclusive NFT sales starting December 7, 2023, and organizing a thrilling 14-day cosmic party to the hot NFT trading competition that will leave you on the edge of your seat, the “Monsterra to Cosmos” event guarantees an unparalleled gaming experience you won’t want to miss. Get ready to blast off into a realm of excitement like never before!

The Mark of Aura Network Integration

Monsterra’s collaboration with Aura Network marks a significant transformation in the gaming landscape. As the GameFi revolution captures global attention, Monsterra emerges as a prominent project, introducing a play-to-earn model that delivers an unmatched and captivating gaming experience. With the GameFi market surging towards $9.2 billion and projected to reach an astounding $74.2 billion by 2031, Monsterra’s presence on Cosmos becomes an extraordinary cosmic occurrence that propels gamers into an exhilarating and unexplored realm.

Through the partnership with Aura Network, Monsterra gets closer exposure to revolutionary features like cross-chain NFT transfers, demonstrating the boundless potential within the GameFi realm. This strategic step expands the boundaries of Cosmos beyond its conventional identity in decentralized finance (DeFi), forging an extraordinary cosmic convergence where gaming and decentralized finance intersect in a seamless fusion

A Cosmic Thrills with Up To $20K Prize in Cosmos Launch Event

In honor of this celestial integration, Monsterra extends a warm invitation to gamers and crypto enthusiasts to partake in the “Monsterra to Cosmos” event, a 30-day extravaganza that will unfold between December 7th and January 6th, 2023. This cosmic celebration promises a three-fold spectacle, captivating attendees with its mesmerizing offerings and unforgettable experiences.

As you venture into this cosmic odyssey, choose your reliable ally from a range of exceptional wallets available on the Aura Network. Opt for esteemed options like Keplr Wallet, Coin98, or Leap Wallet to guarantee a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience as you explore the vast cosmic realms within Monsterra’s gaming universe.

Exclusive Cosmic NFT Hunt

Beyond a mere NFT sale, the kick-off NFT sale event invites gamers to embark on an immersive experience that elevates them to the status of cosmic connoisseurs. The Monsterra journey surpasses the ordinary, presenting a curated collection of NFTs that defy expectations and invite enthusiasts to become integral parts of a captivating narrative. Prepare to plunge into a mesmerizing cosmic spectacle as Monsterra unveils its NFT sales on SeekHYPE – the simplest NFT marketplace that combines art and utility from Web2 brands to enhance your Web3 experience from December 7th to December 11th.

  • Phase 1: Ancient treasure
  • Phase 2: Battle NFTs for warriors
  • Phase 3: Soulcores for a powerful Mongens army

The 14-Day Gaming Fiesta.

Immerse yourself in the thrilling Gaming Fiesta, your ticket to a staggering $18,000 in rewards. Prepare for an unmatched gaming experience as you embark on the Monsterra adventure within the Cosmos. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a passionate crypto enthusiast, the “Monsterra to Cosmos” event offers abundant opportunities to seize victory.

The Monsterra to Cosmos Gaming Fest takes center stage, unveiling exclusive rewards across five main activities that span a 14-day period. From 8:00 AM UTC on December 12th to 8:00 AM on December 25th, 2023, brace yourself for an exhilarating journey where incredible prizes await.

  • Daily Quest Raffle: Win $5 each — 100 lucky winners!
  • Staking Competition: Stake 2MSTR for a chance to win up to $1000.
  • Top 10 Active Players: $250 each for the most transactional and interactive players.
  • Top 5 Highest Levels: Grab your share of $1000 in total rewards.
  • Top 5 Referrers: $2000 in total for the top 5 referrers.

Extra Exclusive Rewards Await Cosmos Pioneers

As the gaming fiesta unfolds, all users partaking in this celestial gathering on the Aura Network chain will gain access to exceptional rewards that are exclusively available during this special occasion.

Among these rewards is the Skin Landcore Interchain Oasis, a commemoration of the Cosmos Launch, as well as the opportunity to receive a random landplot to further enhance your journey. These exclusive gifts can only be obtained during the gaming fiesta event on the Aura Network chain, providing Cosmos pioneers with a special chance of winning.

MSTR Purchase Guidelines: All participants can purchase MSTR tokens from the following platforms: PancakeSwap, MEXC, P2B (BNBChain), CherrySwap (OKTC), Pangolin (AVAX) and HaloTrade (AuraNetwork) (TBU). Click on the links provided to access these platforms and acquire your MSTR tokens.

The final race with NFTs Trading Competition

Prepare yourself for the thrilling culmination of the “Monsterra to Cosmos” 14-day extravaganza as the curtains draw to a close. The grand finale, known as the NFT Trading Competition, will take place from December 27, 2023, to January 3, 2024. This event invites participants to the exclusive Monsterra Marketplace via the Aura Network, where the ultimate challenge awaits: Trading NFT items. With a 1% transaction fee applied, this cosmic showdown offers more than just prestige—it promises tangible rewards.

A total of $2000 awaits the top 10 traders based on their trading volume during this exhilarating event. Engage in the ultimate NFT trading challenge, where skill, strategy, and cosmic allure converge, creating a memorable conclusion to the Monsterra celebration. 

Monsterra is ready to mesmerize NFT enthusiasts with a captivating showcase. Set an alarm to partake in this cosmic journey, folks!

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