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Innocents Providing Exclusive Content For the Digital Community

Innocents, a content creation brand, has been providing the community with exclusive gaming-based video content. Developed three years ago, Innocents has grown an impressive following across the digital space. The brand was built around digital gaming, which they combined with inclusivity to bring meaningful content to viewers and followers. Their content aims at motivating others to connect and seek out new ways to engage with one another digitally.

Daniel Rebelo is the lead innovator behind the team at Innocents. They have positioned themselves exclusively in Fortnite gaming and have based their content on that dedicated platform. Starting their journey on YouTube, their vision was to grow by creating intriguing content for viewers. Soon, Innocents crossed the 400K subscriber mark across YouTube, a notable achievement in the digital space.

Innocents have inherited the digital gaming environment and have participated in numerous exclusive events in the world of Fortnite gaming. This has helped them win multiple tournaments, yielding cash prizes valued at $60K. Innocents have reported their current partnership with another digital content creation brand, Ghost Aydan. They have previously partnered for a Fortnite event where they successfully won a prize pool of $20K.

Integrating a complete brand with digital gaming, Innocents has proven a success in the gaming world. While maintaining their YouTube channel, Innocents has also built an impressive viewer base on Twitch, where they boast 750K+ followers across the streaming platform. Aligning their content with their objective, Innocents believes in motivating the community and exploring the digital.

About Innocents

Innocents is a digital content creation brand. They exclusively make Fortnite gaming content, which is shared across their YouTube and Twitch channels. As part of the digital community, Innocents has built an exclusive name in the digital gaming space. They hope to inspire more people to join them in the journey to digital excellence.

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