Infusion Games Studio Plans to Launch its Projects Cyber Wars and Arena Heroes on the Web Platform

Estonia, 2023 — Infusion Games, a trailblazing game development studio, is thrilled to announce its strategic move towards the launch of two ground-breaking projects, Cyber Wars and Arena Heroes, on the Web platform. 

Cyber Wars and Arena Heroes

Dive into the Futuristic Chaos of Cyber Wars 

Cyber Wars, a cutting-edge mobile shooter with a riveting PvP multiplayer mode and stunning graphics, is set to captivate gamers with its immersive gameplay. Embracing a cyberpunk aesthetic, Cyber Wars offers players boundless possibilities as they engage in exhilarating battles on airborne vehicles. The game transports daring players to a futuristic realm teeming with intense combat, where dominance is the ultimate goal. 

Infusion Games Studio Cyber Wars and Arena Heroes

Experience the Cyber Wars universe in the trailer: Cyber Wars Trailer 

Unleash Epic Battles in Arena Heroes 

Arena Heroes presents an electrifying MMORPG battler, driven by dynamic 2D animation and an unapologetically audacious vibe. Gamers will not only select their fighter from a diverse array of celebrities, politicians, movie characters, and gaming icons but will also engage in fierce PvP arena battles that transcend ordinary gameplay. The journey is infused with an assortment of equipment, artifacts, distinct abilities, and compelling factions. Arena Heroes promises an unprecedented clash of cultures as heroes and villains from various backgrounds lock horns in epic confrontations. 

Infusion Games Studio Cyber Wars and Arena Heroes

Preview the excitement in the Arena Heroes trailer: Arena Heroes Trailer Unprecedented success of soft launches paves the way for global expansion 

After a series of successful technical soft launches last year, Cyber Wars and Arena Heroes showed their potential. 

Global launches planned for the first half of 2023 showed excellent performance and exceeded initial projections. After that, a decision was made to increase traffic and start the planned launch of the projects on the Web platform. 

Founder Sergey Belyaev Remarks on the Strategic Move 

“The decision to embrace the Web platform was strategically planned, with the unique audience profile aligning seamlessly with our goals for project releases and Liveops integration. This pivotal step will pave the way for our global mobile releases,” commented founder Sergey Belyaev.

A New Horizon for Infusion Games 

The expansion into the Web platform signifies more than just a launch; it marks the emergence of a dedicated publishing platform within Infusion Games, complete with its proprietary payment system under Infusion Tech. 

Pioneering Change Amidst Shifting Landscape 

Nikolay Shubin, Founder of the studio, remarked on the evolving industry landscape, saying, “Since the pandemic, traffic in the world of mobile gaming has undergone significant changes. With market changes such as the intervention of big players, the price appeal of classic UA has become very tainted and strategies to attract users are changing. Infusion Games is responding swiftly and accurately to these challenges, which we envision will yield results as early as 2024.” 

As Infusion Games ushers in this era of innovation, the gaming community eagerly awaits the release of Cyber Wars and Arena Heroes on the Web platform, promising an unparalleled gaming experience that transcends boundaries and redefines the realm of online entertainment. 

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Infusion Games is a European studio founded in 2019. The studio is currently developing two games including Cyber Wars, a mobile cyberpunk shooter with flying cars. In addition, Infusion Games is working on Arena Heroes, a collectible turn-based 2D RPG-butler with deep metagame. 

Cyber Wars is a vehicular shooter with multiplayer PvP and unlimited action taking place in a beautiful futuristic dystopia. 

Arena Heroes is a 2D cartoonish turn-based collectible RPG battler with a deep meta.

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