Infusion Games studio announces the start of cooperation with composer Dmitry Selipanov. 

Infusion Games studio

Infusion Games studio, the creators of Cyber Wars and Arena Heroes, and composer Dmitry Selipanov announce the start of cooperation. 

The film composer will begin work on adaptive music for the studio’s projects. The feature of the adaptive music is not only the static accompaniment of the gameplay, but the constant change of music depending on the nature of game situations. 

The process of creating adaptive music can be divided into three stages: conceptualization, writing music and implementation. During the last stage, it is important to test the adaptive music to make sure that it works as intended and provides the desired emotional and interactive impact. This may require making small changes to the music or trigger logic to make sure the music properly responds to the player’s actions and choices. 

Infusion Games studio

“The game is a unique field in which the music develops non-linearly, its development dictated by the player’s actions. Writing such music is an interesting experience and a challenge for me,” – comments Dmitry Selipanov

Dmitry’s creative handwriting was demonstrated by his 2019 project, which was an unusual combination of orchestral traditions, modern electronic genres, minimalism and post-rock, which can certainly be demonstrated in the work with Infusion Games as well. We are sure that such a step will not only bring a unique accent to the studio’s projects, but will also reveal the potential of the talented composer,” – says Sergey Belyaev, the studio’s CEO and co-founder. 

Official website of Dmitry Selipanov:

Cooperation with Infusion Games: 



Dmitry Selipanov is an award-winning composer who has won more than 20 awards, including box office hits of feature films, indie films, animated films and other projects. As an orchestrator, arranger and conductor, Dmitry collaborates with many musical projects and artists. Among them are Terra Maitz, Zemfira, and others.

Infusion Games is a European studio founded in 2019. To date, the studio is developing two projects: the RPG-battler Arena Heroes and the mobile cyberpunk shooter with flying vehicles Cyber Wars. 

Cyber Wars – is a vehicular shooter with PvP multiplayer and unlimited kick-ass action, set in a beautiful futuristic dystopia. Cyber Wars trailer:


Arena Heroes – is a 2D cartoon turn-based collection RPG-battler with deep meta. Arena Heroes trailer: 

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