Infusion Games Announces Restructuring and Rebranding 

Infusion Rebranding

October, 2023, Estonia, Infusion Games team is pleased to announce a significant change of direction, restructuring and rebranding of the company. 

Realizing that the scope of the company has expanded beyond game development, the decision was made to rename the main company from Infusion Games to INFUSION, and to move the divisions into a separate structure. 

This transformation included a comprehensive restructuring plan and a dynamic rebranding that included the creation of structural divisions, a fresh logo and a visually appealing design. The corporate identity has become more rigorous and the business areas have acquired their own color. The idea of rebranding belongs to the creative genius of the SKAM design team, co-founded by Slava Kuteev and Alexey Maslov. 

Infusion Games

The main task in the development of the new brand was the need to convey to the audience – there is a new strong player on the market, which is ready to confront global competitors. That is why the corporate identity emphasizes the confident character of the company. 

Graphic interpretation with distortion and shifting space through refraction and ray in the logo helped to reflect the versatility of INFUSION’s ideas and projects. 

Nikolay Shubin, Founder of INFUSION, shares his insights, stating, “This year will see many important and decisive events in the life of the company. Both of our projects, Cyber Wars and Arena Heroes, are on the verge of release. However, we are not only developing as a video game developer. We are developing as a company armed with our own technologies and diversified business projects, moving further and further away from classic game made towards pure IT. That’s why the name Infusion Games no longer reflects our full potential,” 

Slava Kuteev, co-founder of SKAM, underscores this commitment, “The decision to cooperate first arose during a personal meeting. We saw and felt the strong desire of the company’s founders to create amazing products and one day stand on the same level with the industry giants. We love small and ambitious teams, we want to help them, be a part of their success and constantly learn something new by immersing ourselves in the work and solving problems of different levels together with our clients,”

INFUSION Rebranding

Sergey Belyaev, Founder of INFUSION, expresses his confidence in this transformative journey, saying, “SKAM cooperates with really big international corporations, so we absolutely trust their professionalism. Now we will be able to competently broadcast to the audience the branches of our business development, and most importantly – our brand has become so concise that it will be relevant at any time”, 

The new structure of INFUSION: 

The new structure of INFUSION

INFUSION is a company founded in 2019. 

INFUSION GAMES is a video game development studio founded in 2020. Currently working on two projects in the early access stage: 

Cyber Wars is a vehicular shooter with flying vehicles, multiplayer PvP and unlimited action taking place in a beautiful futuristic dystopia. 

Arena Heroes is a 2D cartoonish turn-based collectible RPG battler with a deep methinks. 

The INFUSION GAMES team has overhauled the development approach and now the projects are multiplatform. The flagship project Cyber Wars is scheduled to launch in Q1 2024, as it will be ported to the Nintendo Switch console among other things and is also in talks for Steam Deck. Arena Heroes will be released on the Web as early as Q4 2023. 

INFUSION TECH is our young division that develops IT products for the GameDev industry. The main development at the moment is AdTech, a technology for adaptive personalized advertising right inside online gameplay. These can be either glowing ads or moving holograms that are part of the environment content. The ad-swapping system works in real-time without the need to update the app. It also begins development of a large platform for publishers – a service with a revolutionary approach to marketing game products and their monetization. 

INFUSION WEB3 – Through INFUSION WEB3’s collaboration with partners and their cutting edge SDK, we are ready to move from Web2 to Web3 and revolutionize the gaming industry, taking adrenaline action to new heights! This integration begins with Arena Heroes, with plans to launch in early 2024 in collaboration with technology from Entangle Protocol and online championships from ZeroSum. 

Soon you will be able to experience the thrill of battling players around the world in exciting online arenas, with cryptocurrency and online tournaments. Get ready for a future where games and cryptocurrencies collide!

INFUSION CG is a dynamic in-house team responsible for creating compelling CG trailers for flagship client INFUSION GAMES. The team’s expertise lies in utilizing cutting-edge technology, creativity and artistry to bring digital worlds to life. The CG department now plans to grow as an independent business, serving a wide range of clients in the entertainment and gaming industries. 

The company’s new style is versatile, allowing the logo and branding elements to be subtly integrated into various aspects of the company’s operations while maintaining INFUSION’s distinctive style and brand recognition. 

Infusion Games Rebranding

Stay tuned: INFUSION is entering a new dynamic phase of its activity and strives to conquer new horizons in the world of games and technology! 




INFUSION is a dynamic and confident IT firm, headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. Who We Are 

We’re gaming enthusiasts and tech specialists crafting video games, cutting-edge techs, and more worldwide. 

Our Journey 

Founded in 2019, INFUSION was born with a clear ambition: To stand at the forefront of technology and video game development. 

Our Mission 

We set the industry standard by harnessing the collective power of our diverse departments. 

Our Vision 

We strive for excellence in all we do, fostering a team of highly skilled individuals and constantly creating new opportunities. 

SKAM is a creative union of Alexey Maslov and Slava Kuteev. Each of us has more than 20 years of experience working with the largest companies, the most difficult tasks in the field of User Experience, Design and Brand development. It’s no coincidence that our website doesn’t have a portfolio. Our portfolio is our reputation and hundreds of satisfied clients around the world.

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