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Infusing Heritage with Innovation: A Conversation with Wannakorn Sangthongngam of Ghanesta Coffee

Ghanesta Coffee, a visionary enterprise led by Wannakorn Sangthongngam, stands at the intersection of tradition and technology. Nestled in the Northern hills of Thailand, Ghanesta not only preserves a century-old coffee processing technique but enhances it through cutting-edge AI to cater to a global palette. In this insightful discussion with TechBullion, Wannakorn shares how her approach to coffee production is making a mark internationally, and why the art of drip coffee is central to their success.

Infusing Heritage with Innovation

Can you tell us a little about your background and the origins of Ghanesta Coffee?

Absolutely,  I am the fourth-generation leader of ghanesta coffee, rooted deep in the traditions of Doi Chang, Thailand. Our family began by supplying coffee to larger partners without our own brand. Over the years, we’ve evolved to not only cultivate but also process our coffee using a heritage method passed down for over a century. This process is tailored to enhance the flavors inherent in the unique climate of Doi Chang, making our coffee truly distinct.

What makes Ghanesta Coffee stand out in the competitive global market?

Our coffee is special not just because of its heritage but also due to our approach to freshness and customization. We ensure that our coffee reaches customers when it’s most flavorful—within 20 days of degassing. Additionally, we offer a bespoke experience where customers can customize their coffee’s acidity, body, sweeness, tasting notes, and aroma. This level of personalization is supported by innovative AI technology to maintain quality while embracing the nuances desired by each customer.

Infusing Heritage with Innovation

How do you integrate technology into traditional coffee processing?

Our use of AI is particularly exciting. We are implementing AI to control the quality of our coffee throughout the production process and to offer the custom coffee experience. This technology not only helps us maintain high standards but also allows us to innovate in ways that preserve the authenticity of our traditional methods while meeting modern demands.

Why do you focus specifically on drip coffee at Ghanesta?

We chose drip coffee because it provides a superior flavor experience, capturing the essence and subtleties of our coffee. Drip coffee is an art—it allows the water to extract the coffee’s oils, aromas, and flavors gradually, which results in a cleaner, more refined cup. It’s the perfect way to respect and showcase the bean’s true character.

Looking ahead, what are your plans for Ghanesta Coffee’s expansion?

We’re currently focusing on penetrating the American market, given its vast opportunities. Despite high competition, we believe our unique proposition of fresh, customizable, and heritage-rich coffee will resonate well. Beyond America, we plan to extend our reach to other international markets, continuously leveraging technology to enhance our offerings.

What challenges do you foresee, and how do you plan to address them?

One of the main challenges is maintaining the balance between growth and sustainability, especially as we scale. We’re committed to environmentally friendly practices and ensuring that our growth doesn’t compromise the ecological balance of Doi Chang. Additionally, navigating the complexities of international markets requires a nuanced approach, for which we are enhancing our logistical and marketing strategies.

Lastly, what advice would you give to other entrepreneurs looking to bring traditional products into the modern marketplace?

Stay true to your roots while embracing innovation. Honor the heritage and the community behind your product, and leverage modern technology and trends to amplify your reach and impact. Finding that balance is crucial for sustainable growth and authenticity in today’s global market.

Discover the rich tapestry of Thai heritage in every cup. Visit to explore our diverse range of products. Stay updated with the latest innovations and offers by following us on Instagram at and on Facebook at Dive into the world of Ghanesta Coffee and personalize your brew, one sip at a time

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