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Information About Bratislava Parking You Must Know About

Whether it is a car or a motorcycle or any other vehicle, it must be parked very efficiently. Bratislava, which is the capital and largest of Slovakia is also known for outdoor-parking spaces and underground garages. When it comes to Slovakia, the parking rules are very strict. Violation of the rules can lead to towing your vehicle. You will then need to pay a large fine to get your vehicle back.

Free Parking

It is quite difficult to find parking areas in the city center. Besides, free parking is available in Bratislava, and this is just 10mins away from the city center. But it is difficult to get free parking here. The area surrounding Lake Kuchajda, and Vajnorská streets are all good places where you could try your luck. Additionally, there are parking lots in Petralka. In most shopping malls, parking will be only for a few hours.

Street Parking

Street parking is chargeable in the city center between 8 am to 4 pm. However, on the weekends it is completely free. When it comes to the downtown streets, it is important to buy tickets. There are many surface and underground parking lots in Bratislava if you come here by car. Even though side parking is available on streets here, you must leave at least 1.5 meters of path free, be aware that breaking the parking regulations may result in a boot being put on your car or towing away. 

Hence, visitors need to use the parking lots to park their vehicles. The parking garages may charge a fee daily. There are sites like which help you find a garage for rent, whether you are looking for a short-term rental or long-term rental. For parking options in Bratislava, visit their site online. 

When it comes to rented parking spaces, they are available for corporate employees, organizations, and vehicles that are used to transport physically handicapped people to hospitals and schools. 

Whom you must contact if your vehicle is towed away?

You must police in this case, to get back your vehicle. Your vehicle will be towed away if the police feel that it is disturbing the traffic. 

The distance from the Aupark Shopping Centre to Bratislava’s city center is ten minutes. You only need to cross the New bridge and UFO restaurant to reach the historic center. The initial three hours of parking are free at Aupark. After which you will be charged 3.00 euros for each hour that has already begun. Additionally, there is the option of limitless parking in the case of outdoor parking lots. It won’t be simple at all to locate a free parking space during business hours.

TPD is a tiny shopping area that specializes in electronics. Besides, the parking space here is very small. However, when you go shopping here, you will not find any difficulty in locating space to park your vehicle here.

Check for paid parking rentals to stay with peace of mind wherever you go in Bratislava!



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