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Influencers and Social Media Verification: How Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter Benefits

Social media platforms are now breaking the glass ceiling, reaching billions of users each month. Facebook, the world’s largest social media platform has an average of 2.2 billion active users each month, and marketers for medium-to-large companies have found it extremely lucrative to make use of influencer marketing to reach more potential clients. It’s estimated that businesses earn $6.50 for every $1 spent on influencers.

The significant return on investment has marketers across the world scrambling to get their piece of the earnings, and consumers have more trust in products being sold and advertised by influencers. In a short period, influencer marketing has become a billion-dollar industry, with social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter benefiting from an influx of users.

Social media verification requirements

Most influencers on social platforms are verified users, making them more trustworthy and authentic. Verified influencers are also now seen as the leaders of their industry, and a single post can garner millions of dollars of revenues for companies. So, what are the requirements to become verified on these platforms?


Instagram account verification can be done on the app itself. The platform does require that the individual meet certain requirements such as completing the online application, deliver proof of authenticity, enough press and search engine coverage, and be the sole owner of the Instagram profile. Ensuring your profile is unique, authentic, complete, and noticeable will help fast track the process.


Users can simply complete the Facebook Verification Request Form and follow the prompts as they go along. The form does require users to upload supplementary documentation such as a government-issued ID photo, or if it’s a business a certificate of formation, article of incorporation, and tax exemption documents. Furthermore, they’ll need to state why they’re applying for verification and link additional social media links to the form.


Media references are one of the biggest things they’ll need to receive Twitter verification. Sufficient search engine and press coverage is a big driver for successful verification. Users should complete the verification application on the app itself, and, state they are the sole owner of the account, ensure authenticity and originality and be a public figure with enough credible links to their profile.

Social platforms benefitting from verified influencers’ accounts.

Social media platforms are reaping in big numbers through millions of influencers and thousands of verified accounts. Users are now becoming more complaisant with these networks, as more influencers become verified. Roughly 74% of consumers now trust social media platforms to assist with purchasing decisions, more so, marketers spend an average of $20,000 to $50,000 on influencer marketing – surpassing print media and expanding major brands.

These social media platforms also now offer media and marketing toolkits for both small and major corporations, also, these platforms are slowly bringing in more clients for both businesses and themself.

Finally, with more verified and trusted influencer accounts surfacing on social platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are now becoming trusted sites to assist with consumer purchases, trends, and verified news sources for younger generations.

Paris Hilton has inspired a generation of influencers and has been dubbed the ringleader or social media influencers since her rise to fame in the early 2000s. Hilton used her fame as a way to build her brand, the success of Paris Hilton featuring in hundreds of tabloids and later on social media had major designer brands and big companies rushing to have Hilton feature their products as she flaunted her affluent lifestyle across social media channels. Hilton diversified her offerings, charging nearly $300,000 for an hour party appearance, and a $1 million rate per DJ set. To date, she has over 14 million followers and nearly 11,500 posts on Instagram.

How influencers are getting verified

Influencers are now jumping at the opportunity to get verified. Whether having thousands or millions of followers are now seeking assistance in becoming verified across a broad spectrum of social media platforms. With this, influencers are becoming trustworthy sources of information for purchasing advice for a variety of products and services. Instagram Verification service providers aligned the needs of influencers and platforms. It shows that businesses, individuals, and famous personalities across the world to openly share authentic content to millions of followers.

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