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Influencer Marketing in 2021: With Vianney Merian

Vianney Merian

One expert e-commerce star gives us his lowdown on influencer marketing in 2021

If you haven’t heard of Vianney Merian yet, we will have to assume you have been living under a rock. Instagram fame aside, he has been all over the internet working his magic, reinvesting his millions back into the internet entrepreneurs that come after him.

Vianney Merian as an Internet Millionaire

Vianney managed his firm at the tender young age of 18 years old. Fresh-faced and straight out of college, he started building a brand that would connect hundreds of young influencers with the people who need them. The brands, the product placers, the advertisers – all have been satisfied with his work.

Now at only 19 years old, Vianney made his next calculated move. He would switch into the world of influencer marketing and make himself an influencer. He did this using the skills he learned through his business. Before long, both were going great. Again, the young entrepreneur decided to diversify.

Vianney went on to reach into the world of e-commerce. He would soon be creating websites for luxury products, hosting sales with huge percentages, and making his money back two-fold on every job. When the world economy crashed in 2020, he was at the heart of it all, already online trading and able to manipulate the spending habits to his favor. 

Now only 22 years old, Vianney is famous across the world of influencer marketing in the e-commerce sector and has a bit of a reputation with the brands that manage them.

Some Influencer Marketing Advice

We wanted to know what advice Vianney Merian had for young Instagram influencers, which he had to say…

Pay attention to TikTok.

Now, Gen Z is exciting TikTok. If you’re not on it, then you might lose that following you worked so hard for on IG. There is some crossover, but you will find the fans follow you. You might want to be careful about appearing on a video, though, since imperfections are harder to hide than they are on IG.

Pick a Niche

People like niches, it’s true. Pick one and amass a following around it. Be careful that if your niche is something particular, you only show videos of that topic. Doing anything else could put fans off…

A good niche is something evergreen. So, you – as a product – you have a shelf life—a point when people probably aren’t going to want to idolize your looks anymore. By the time that point comes, you need to diversify your content into another area. Do this, and you can conquer the internet, one niche at a time.

Stay Consistent

Whatever you choose to push for in business, you must stay consistent and accurate in what you are doing. If you don’t give up and stick with the plan you had, even when you feel like wavering, then you will eventually make your million. 

My most significant piece of advice is that you don’t give up.

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