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Influencer Marketing: Five Platforms to Consider in 2022

Influencer Marketing

Most marketers will principally associate influencer marketing with Instagram. That’s because Instagram was the first platform to allow normal people to make a brand of themselves, amassing followers with an interest in emulating the fashion, the style, and the lifestyle of their favorite influencers. While Instagram remains an important base for influencers, there are in fact dozens of other giant platforms that host influencers who might be just as valuable to you as Instagram influencers – and considerably cheaper to partner with. Here are the top five alternatives to Instagram when it comes to finding influencers in 2022.


Having evolved from a humble style-sharing website into one of the most important idea collage platforms in the world, Pinterest is going places. Hundreds of millions of people head over to the platform daily in order to share everything from memes to interior design styles and new fashion ideas. Primarily a visual medium, Pinterest is a platform where products are made to look pretty and are shared by trusted style influencers who pluck and collage their favorite looks from across the web – no matter the theme.

It’s easy to find a Pinterest influencer to suit your own company and its products. If you’re struggling to make connections and put together a pitch, there are companies out there who specialize in setting up relationships between Pinterest influencers and businesses. Linking up with a Pinterest creator marketing team will help you access the finest talent on the platform without doing all of the trawling yourself. This is a platform that’s emerging as a key influencer site for marketers looking to associate with stylish individuals.


In the past ten years, YouTube has evolved from a platform to watch music videos and recordings of cats to a juggernaut of content that covers every topic imaginable. There are makeup tutorials, travel guides, investment advisors, academics, journalists, commentators, and entertainers – all using YouTube to expand their reach and make money in the process. Each subject attracts millions of views from global consumers. So you can see why YouTube is emerging as another key influencer platform in 2022.

Linking up with a YouTube influencer might be simpler than using Pinterest. It’s a case of compiling a list of relevant influencers in your space and contacting each of them with an offer of partnership or sponsorship in return for the promotion of your firm and its products or services. Be aware that these influencers likely receive several such requests, so yours should be appropriate and generous in order to secure important partnerships that’ll help boost your firm’s exposure online.


If you’ve been lukewarm about TikTok since its emergence onto the social media scene, it’s time to think again. It’s a hugely popular platform for younger people, which means that it’s often the first place that the Gen-Z demographic will see fashionable products that they may be interested in purchasing now or when they become financially independent. Companies are finally working out that TikTok isn’t a place for their own adverts but a place to partner with popular influencers. That’s how you can share your products alongside creative and charismatic people who will be more than willing to sign a contract that’ll promote your products in return for some payment.

This platform won’t work for everyone. If you’re selling life insurance, you’re unlikely to experience much uptake on a platform like TikTok. This is a platform crowded with youngsters who are more interested in fashion, style, music, and pop culture than they are in adult products and services. So it’s only worth investing in TikTok influencers if you believe your company is targeting its sales at younger people, typically aged between 14 and 25.


Have you heard of this “metaverse” game? It’s been around for some time, but marketers are only now taking notice of the fact that it’s one of the most forward-facing platforms in the world today. Allowing players to build avatars and explore virtual worlds, Roblox is considered at the forefront of digital marketing’s evolution – and that makes it an ideal platform to explore in the coming months. You’ll not be the first: major fashion brands have already set up on the platform, offering bespoke digital products for avatars to wear, helping users express themselves in the metaverse.

Influencers in this space are those who also run Twitch channels, which share their gaming screen while they also commentate on what they’re doing in the game. Some players also use YouTube to share their progress in Roblox. Find the right partners in this virtual world, and you’ll make your first decisive step into the metaverse. There are few tech experts who doubt that the metaverse is the future of our digital lives – and that means being an early mover will help you secure more sales and exposure in the future.


The growth of podcasts has been phenomenal in the past handful of years, far exceeding early estimates about the size and value of this market. It’s now a playground for influencers, commentators, and other interesting hosts who talk about everything from episodes of Friends to the current world political system. There’s no doubt that you’ll be able to find a podcast that’s perfectly aligned with what you do, what you sell, and what you represent as a company. Sponsoring such podcasts will mean your company is discussed by the host in the advertising break of their podcast.

This form of marketing is regarded as up-and-coming, with only niche companies and brands currently committed to providing sponsorship for podcasts. That’s excellent news for companies such as yours, which may be able to find the perfect partner in the podcast space with which to work. Conduct a preliminary search today to see if there’s a podcast influencer out there who you feel is strongly associated with your firm. Set up a call to see where things might go and what sort of funding they’d ask for in return for advertising your firm.

Influencer marketing looks more and more like the future of marketing. So using these five platforms to market your firm could help you steal a lead on your rivals, helping you increase your exposure over the year ahead.

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