InflationCoin is Listed on 8 Exchanges, an overview of the Asset Value.

Inflationcoin is a cryptocurrency launched in November 2016 by an anonymous developer and worked with the X11 proof of work (PoW) algorithm for the six months of mining and then switched to the Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm.

The current price of the Inflationcoin is $0.0001 and a -12.77% changes within 24 hours, $404 as the traded volume in the same 24 hours and a $2,825,028 market capitalization. This market capital is influenced by the supply of the Inflationcoin and with this, it is currently lying at a position of 1008 among all other cryptocurrencies.

In the first year in which it was launched, the Inflationcoin PoS was 800%; the second year saw a decrease of the Inflationcoin to 80% and a further decrease in the third year to 8% and 4% by the fourth year and subsequently. The principle is that the more coin held is directly proportional to the increase in the remuneration of the coin.

Although the PoS is decreasing by the year, the current buying is low and it is been predicted that it will rise in year time from now, which means interested participants can buy and stake the coin for the future.

Coin specifications

The Inflationcoin PoW and PoS blocks stake independently and it has 5 transaction confirmation and 50 minted block confirmations and the live current coin supply is 43,344,550,626.61.

The PoS has a 60 seconds block time and there is a difficulty is retargeted after each block and a 24 hours minimum stake and a maximum stake/hold of 30 days. Usually, during this 30 days maximum hold, coin day will no longer accumulate.

The PoW also has a 60 seconds block time and the difficulty is retargeted after each block and each block gives a total payout of 1000 coins. Its technology has true randomness, normalized distribution for large hash power and there is a daily superblock that pays up to 1,000,000 and was completed in 2017 after just 6 months of mining.

Inflationcoin wallet

To purchase the Inflationcoin, you have to first buy either Bitcoin or Ethereum and transfer the cryptocurrency to a market that sells the Inflationcoin in exchange for the Bitcoin or Ethereum. You can also purchase InflationCoin with fiat directly on

The current price of the Inflationcoin is $0.000066 and with the future prediction, it is hoped that it will grow to $0.000096 in a year time. The long-term increase in the earning potential is also predicted to be +45.44% in a year time so it can be said that this is a brand that it will disrupt the market in a good way.  

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