Industrial Robotic Arm – Why you Should Invest in a Universal Robot Industrial Robot Arm

Universal Robots is the leading manufacturer of collaborative robots. Over the last decade, they have manufactured, popularized and installed thousands of collaborative robots in numerous factories all around the world.

Their collaborative robot arms have gained popularity and have led to the rise of cobot use in manufacturing automation. Studies in the robot industry have shown that by the year 2021, sales of collaborative robots will surpass those of traditional and other robots.

If you are a manufacturer, keep reading to find out why you should invest in a Universal Robots robot.

Easy to use

Manufacturing automation is essential for factories in this day and age. It enables manufacturers to adopt modern manufacturing processes and become competitive.

The industrial robotic arm from Universal Robots is an easy to use collaborative robot suitable for different kinds of tasks in the workplace. It has an easy and welcoming interface. It takes in commands easily and does not require specialized training to operate.

With a simple introduction and orientation, a factory worker can easily run and operate the collaborative robots.


Unlike traditional robots, the industrial robotic arms from Universal Robots are light in weight. This allows for easy movement from one end of the factory to another.

When a factory invests in a robot, they find out that it can carry out several tasks within the factory. Most times, these tasks are carried out in different corners of the factory. Therefore, there will be a need to move the robot to different corners of the factory floor.

As a lightweight robot, this makes it very easy and convenient to move the robot around for different tasks.

Easy to setup

The industrial robotic arm from Universal Robots is easy to setup. 

When you purchase a robot, you are able to use it from the very first day of arrival to your factory.

Within a few hours, you will have your robot ready to go.


Thanks to its light weight, it is quite easy to move this robotic arm around the factory. Also, being easy to setup, you can move it from one place to another and have the robot start working within no time.

Further, it has additional accessories that enhance its mobility. You can purchase a wheeled platform that allows you to move the robot around the factory quickly and easily.

Small footprint

The industrial robotic arm is quite small and compact. This ensures that it occupies very little space within the factory allowing the factory to make maximum use of its available floor space.

This is a major consideration for smaller factories. Small factories need all the space they have to ensure that they produce at optimum levels. Buying large robots will reduce their operating space and could lead to lower production capabilities.

With its size, both small and large factories are able to utilize the robot and also carry out all their operations at optimum levels.

Enhanced safety levels

This industrial robotic arm has high levels of safety. As a collaborative robot, it means that it can work alongside human workers without the need for fencing.

Universal Robots ensures that their collaborative robots are safe right from their design. As such, the industrial robotic arm has round and smooth edges. This ensures that it does not cause harm to anyone who comes into contact with it.

Further, when working on its own, it has the capability to sense human presence and slow down or bring its operations to a halt until the threat of danger is gone.

The enhanced safety levels allow it to become a fully collaborative robot.


Universal Robots seeks to deliver advanced robot capabilities with its industrial robotic arm to manufacturers and all types of businesses that need robots for their processes. The UR5 industrial robotic arm, has a relatively large weight load that will allow to carry out different tasks conveniently and fast. 

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