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Increasing Usage of NLP and ML Technologies to Fuel Expansion of the Global AIOps Platform Market

The AI platform for IT operations is known as the AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) platform. It blends human intelligence along with automated algorithms to give complete visibility onto IT system performance. The achievement of necessary speed and agility needed for the company is a crucial driver pushing the adoption of AIOps in the IT environment. Furthermore, modern machine learning algorithms gather the important data that is collected in the background and provides valuable intelligence. These benefits are expected to widen scope of the global AIOps platform market in the years to come.

AI in IT operations has been facilitated by recent technology breakthroughs. In order to strengthen AIOps platforms and services, some firms are combining knowledge, domain-enriched Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) approaches. In its SysTrack AIOps tool, for instance, Lakeside Software, LLC, a digital experience monitoring firm located in the U.S, uses NLP. It helps IT operations by providing easy and simple search tool.

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Market Growth to Ride on the Back of Increasing Utilization of Big Data

 In order to automate routine IT processes, the AIOps platform employs intelligence and self-learning algorithms supported by machine learning. It also analyzes historical as well as behavioral data to identify and predict any potential incidents. Furthermore, it uses big data analytics to do cognitive data analysis and draws relevant information from data for complete processing. Real-time data correlation, severity-based issue prioritization, multi-dimensional data standardization, and established reaction plans to prevent future disasters are all made possible by integrating IT operations with AI. This capacity to generate meaningful insights from scratch data aids in the development of a flexible ITOps system, which is further likely to drive growth of the global AIOps platform market.

Due to the compulsory work-from-home policy, the COVID-19 pandemic is predicted to boost growth of the global AIOps platform market in next-generation tech areas, such as artificial intelligence. During the pandemic, for instance, LogMeIn, Inc. (US), a cloud and SaaS-based remote connection and customer interaction services provider, saw a large surge in new sign-ups amongst all service portfolios. In addition to that, IT businesses are diversifying their service and product portfolios to boost global availability. For example, Google LLC introduced the Rapid Response Virtual Agent, an AI-powered chatbot for call centers, in April 2020. This chatbot was created to address consumers’ concerns about the COVID-19 epidemic via chat, voice, and other social media platforms.

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