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Increasing Inclination Toward Environment-friendly Cutting Technologies to Drive Waterjet Cutting Machinery Market

Growing interest toward adopting environment friendly cutting techniques and practices in industries such as textile, packaging, construction, electronics, mining and automotive is likely to bolster growth of the global waterjet cutting machinery market in the forthcoming years. In addition, rise in process automation across industries has contributed to the use of advanced equipment.

Another element that has affected the acceptance of waterjet cutting machines across businesses is technological advancements and innovation in cutting equipment. Some of the important advancements that assist end-users boost their productivity and generate accurate cutting operations are robotic waterjet cutting machines (WCMs) and micro and 3D WCMs. For instance, WARDJet, a waterjet cutting company situated in Ohio, provides robotic waterjet cutting automation solutions to businesses including electronics, automotive, textiles, and aerospace to produce weld test samples.

 Rising Demand for Waterjet Cutting Technology from Several End Use Industries to Drive Market Growth

Each year, the demand for WCMs is anticipated to climb significantly, with a rise in demand for various upgraded equipment. Waterjet pressures greater than the usual extraordinarily high values of 50,000 psi are acquiring popularity in a multitude of end-use businesses. In comparison with regular plasma cutting machines, oxy-fuel, or laser, the WCMs make use of cold cutting technology along with a high-pressure level jet to provide a clean edge and avert distortion and warping. Such benefits are likely to propel the global waterjet cutting machinery market in the years to come.

The adaptability of waterjet cutting technique in cutting diverse materials such as glass, composites, metals, and combustible materials is gaining prominence amongst businesses. In order to slice up to 10-inch thick steel plates, the machine employs pure water or a combination of abrasive material and water as a cutting medium.

In the North America region, the US is predicted to be one of the leading markets for waterjet cutting machines. In the forthcoming years, the pure waterjet cutting machine category is predicted to be one of the rapidly growing in the region. Waterjet cutting is predicted to have a large demand in a wide range of applications, such as beverage, food, packaging, robotics, and tobacco, which is estimated to pave way for rapid growth of the waterjet cutting machinery market in North America.

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