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Increasing Demand from Water Treatment Sector Drives Growth in Rainwater Harvesting Market

The increasing demand from the water treatment sector is one of the most significant drivers for the rainwater harvesting market. Furthermore, a large number of government authorities and bodies around the world have started promotional campaigns to encourage the implementation of rainwater harvesting systems. This trend is facilitating education of the population from various socio-economic classes regarding the benefits and uses of rainwater harvesting. Additionally, these campaigns also aid in the process of educating the population about various useful rain water harvesting methods. Such initiatives are anticipated to aid in the expansion of the rainwater harvesting market in coming years. 

 Moreover, the growing global population creates a strain on limited reserves of fresh, potable water. This factor may lead to water scarcity and has ignited the need for searching alternative sources to acquire fresh water. These efforts are expected to help in the growth and increased adoption of novel solutions from the rainwater harvesting market in the coming years. Major types of rain harvesting methods facilitated by the manufacturers and players in the industry include below ground methods as well as above ground methods (including storage tank and ground surface). The rainwater harvesting systems offered by the manufacturers and industry players are utilized for various applications, including commercial, agricultural, residential, and industrial, among others.  

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 Manufacturers Engaged in Development of Smart Home Rainwater Harvesting Solutions 

 A few of the major rainwater harvesting companies working in the landscape of the industry include Watts Water Technologies, Inc., WISY AG, D & D Ecotech Services, Water Field Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Climate Inc., Heritage Tanks Pty. Ltd., The Rainwater Connection Ltd., Kingspan Group, PLC, Otto Graf GmbH Kunststofferzeugnisse, Innovative Water Solutions LLC, Rain Harvesting Supplies, Inc., Stormsaver Ltd., Water Harvesters, and Harvest Rain Inc., among others. Focused on development of innovative and affordable products, the leading players in the rainwater harvesting market are increasing their reach and research initiatives.  

 The leading players and suppliers in the rainwater harvesting market are shifting their focus towards the development of novel and affordable home purification systems that feature a display screen and smart functions such as notifying the user about the diagnostics, water status, and display warnings. Furthermore, certain manufacturers working in the rainwater harvesting market are also developing a high volume of rain water purification systems for household applications. These efforts are leading to increased availability of bathing and supplemental drinking water to households in reduced costs.  

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 North America & Europe Emerge as Highly Attractive Regions for Rainwater Harvesting Market 

 Geographically, the global rainwater harvesting market can be divided into regions, such as Europe (including France, Spain, CIS, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, and rest of the Europe), Middle East and Africa (including South Africa, the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and the rest of the Middle East and Africa), North America (including Canada and the United States), Latin America (including Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, and rest of the Latin America), and Asia Pacific (including India, ASEAN countries, China, Japan, and rest of the Asia Pacific). Amongst these, the largest rainwater harvesting market size can be attributed to the Asia Pacific as well as Europe regions.  

 Accounting for a majority share of the rainwater harvesting market, these two regions are anticipated to propel the growth within the industry in coming years as well. The high number and increased frequency of installations in the Asia Pacific rainwater harvesting market benefits the growth of the industry. However, as the cost per unit is much higher in developed regions, such as Europe and North America, these regions draw higher revenue in the rainwater harvesting market. Furthermore, a large portion of the consumers in emerging regions, such as Africa and Asia Pacific opt for simple rainwater harvesting equipment and systems as opposed to complex technologically enabled systems. This leads to generation of relatively low volume of revenue in these regions.  

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