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Increase Online Sales With A Proven 90-day Social Media Advertising System

What is possibly the best way to reach your target audience? Through social media advertising, undoubtedly! Facebook ad campaigns are the name of the game when it comes to increasing brand awareness, scaling lead generation and boosting your conversion rates. As the global social market is rapidly growing, so are the advertising companies. The challenge is to choose the one that can help your business breakthrough, using proven and time-tested techniques.

One of the key players on the market, Expandify Marketing, is enabling online e-commerce for brands across the globe. Started by childhood friends Jonathan Durante (COO, Vice-President & Treasurer) and Nicolas Buffone (CEO, President), the result-driven company strives to generate revenue for big and small e-commerce businesses. Today, the two friends turned business partners are one of the youngest members of the Forbes Agency Council and official Facebook Marketing partners.

Transforming E-commerce Businesses Into Brands

Facebook advertising is one of the most effective ways to grow your e-commerce sales. What matters is, you need to get it right! When Jonathan and Nicolas became entrepreneurs, they envisioned bridging the gap between e-commerce businesses and proven advertising strategies. They created a system to help business owners increase sales with Facebook, Instagram, and Google Advertising, expand their business revenue and as a result, their lives.

So what did they do? Essentially, using their Done-For-You flagship service ‘90-Day Traffic & Profit Advertising System’, they worked to transform social media advertising efforts. It’s simple: within 14 days, you’ll have your ads running and within 3 months you will witness a tremendous jump in the Return on Advertising Investment! From onboarding to strategy and all the way down to execution, the company aims to use their proven advertising system to generate the online sales necessary for each client to scale and hit their revenue goals. On top of this, the founders keep great communication with all clients and love to form long-term relationships. Ultimately, what sets Expandify Marketing apart is that it is a social media company that specializes in result-driven advertising. The company does this one thing with laser focus. This is what makes them advertising experts who you can count on!

A Journey Of Expanding E-Commerce Relentlessly

Understanding the nuances of behavioural shift and consumer trends is Expandify’s niche. From a small venture to a well-established company serving leading e-commerce brands worldwide, Expandify brings in a revolution in the ad industry with its proven 90-day program. A high-margin business in the COVID-19 era, Expandify Marketing will be helping out more e-commerce businesses increase their online sales by leveraging social media advertising. The inspiring journey of the company and its founders conveys one message to the world – ‘Don’t Give Up! Keep Going to Keep Growing’. As the founders continue to scale the company, they aim to make a positive impact on the retail industry and the world. After all, Expandify is all about expanding e-commerce businesses!



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