Increase Home Security While Traveling with These 5 Tips

Home Security

Before we go on vacation, it can feel like there are a million and one things that need to be taken care of first. Sometimes that to-do list is so long, things will be forgotten which will probably make you stress out even more. Of all the things that you need to take care of, perhaps the most important is to make sure your home is secure. 

Along with making sure that your home security system is in good working order, we have five easy tips that’ll help you sleep at night while you’re on vacation.

1) Secure sliding doors and windows

Naturally before leaving the house, you want to make sure the doors and windows are locked. That’s fine and well, but a determined burglar can just break the glass, unlock the door or window and slide it open. You can prevent that from happening by putting a wooden dowel, a book, or something in the tracks so it won’t move. 

2) Put deliveries on hold

A clear indicator that someone isn’t home (or they have an online shopping addiction) is when there’s a bunch of packages on the porch, the mailbox is stuffed, and there is a few days’ worth of newspapers in the driveway. If you plan on being gone for more than a week, we recommend putting a hold on your mail and/or newspaper deliveries, as well as making sure not to order anything online that could come while you’re away. 

Of course, if you have trustworthy neighbors, you could ask them to collect your deliveries while you’re away. 

3) Tricked you, I’m still home!

Experienced burglars take their planning seriously and they tend to stake out a target before breaking in. They’ll take note of your schedule and daily routine. When you’re away, you can still give off the impression that you’re home by: 

  • Use timers on the lights, television, or radio to mimic your at-home daily routine.
  • Leave a car in the driveway if possible.
  • Leave the lights on in common rooms (kitchen, living room, den, etc.) while you’re away.

4) Keep quiet about your travel plans

Did you know that 65% of home invasions are done by someone they know? It’s scary to think that someone you know would break into your home, but you never truly know who you can trust. So with that said, keep your travel plans to yourself and resist the urge to gush on social media about your upcoming getaway. Once you come back, feel free to flood your social media timelines with photos from your trip!

5) Remove the hide-a-key

It’s not uncommon for people to have a spare key hidden somewhere outside for emergencies. Burglars are aware of the common hiding spots where people put their key and you have to make sure that you bring that key inside for the time being. If you plan on having someone come by to check on things while you’re away, give them the spare key instead of telling them where it’s hidden. 

If your house is on the market, your real estate agent should already have a spare key.

Home security shouldn’t be an afterthought

Until you’re officially on vacation, you’re probably racking your brain to make sure that you’re not forgetting anything. That’s totally understandable! However, of all the things you could forget to double-check, home security shouldn’t be one of them. It doesn’t matter how safe you think your neighborhood is, these tips, along with a home security system, will help you sleep a little better while you’re away. 

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