In The Midst of Crypto Winter FINPR Agency Upgrades Its Crypto PR Service

While today is February 2023 and the crypto market is still in the downturn, U.S. regulators scrutinize blockchain startups and there is no evidence that crypto winter has finished, it’s good to see when some crypto projects are investing in development.

And by ‘some crypto projects’ I mean not some coin issuers, but overall crypto market participants, including agencies. On the market, there are lots of agencies and crypto services providers. They offer different types of staff – from legal support and smart contracts development to marketing and crypto PR services. One of the crypto PR services providers is FINPR Agency.

This month FINPR announced an increase in the number of crypto media outlets they work with where they can publish content for blockchain, NFT, DeFi, Metaverse, Web3, and other tech startups. 

The agency now has access to a total of almost 220 blockchain media outlets in 15 languages, including English, German, French, Turkish, Arabic, and Korean, among others. Of the 220 outlets, 100 are in English, 16 in Turkish, 14 in Arabic, and 13 in German.

While there are lots of outstanding crypto PR agencies (for example, Wachsman, MelsorePR, SparkPR, JargonPR, etc) not all of them provide multi-language services and are ready to deliver media coverage for blockchain startups in different languages simultaneously in different countries.

For sure, if you’re a crypto marketing/PR manager, or CMO there is an option to go find some local PR agency in the market you’re looking for. And maybe it will be better in this case not to use global PR agency services, like FINPR, Wachsman, etc but instead, hire a local PR firm. Still, if you have not only 1 target specific country, but lots of them, it’s better to work with global blockchain agencies.

FINPR Agency, of course, is not the only blockchain-related firm that invests in development. While there are not as many new crypto projects coming to the market these days, the number still is impressive. According to CoinMarketCap stats, each week nearly 25-50 tokens are listed. 

Also, VC funds are heavily investing in crypto. For example, according to Galaxy Digital, last year VC funds invested in crypto totaling $30bln. That’s almost the same as it was in 2021 ($31bln) even though we saw “crypto winter” starting in the summer of last year (still, there was some decline in deals, for example in Q4 2022 there were only 366 deals vs 676 deals in Q3, according to Galaxy Digital). By the way, crypto startups from the U.S. received the maximum amount of funds in comparison to firms from the rest of the world – more than 40% of all deals were with American projects.

As of the time I write the article, the price of Bitcoin – the key barometer of crypto market health – is near $23,000. It’s much higher than the low that we saw near $16,000, but taking into the account that BTC price was at an all-time high at $69,000 there is room to go. Sure, there are lots of crypto skeptics right now that don’t believe that Bitcoin will ever cost $69,000 like before but let’s admire crypto enthusiasts like FINPR, who believe in upcoming crypto market recovery and continue to invest in its growth.

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