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In The Era of Insane Productivity, Autonomous is Surging


In the modern era, we’re continually bombarded with information and short-form content. It’s not surprising, then, that our attention spans are decreasing and our lifestyles seem to be dramatically picking up pace. Technology has swooped in as the panacea to many of the problems around a diminished ability to focus that it helped create, where digital tools have filled the void of subpar time management. 

All of these developments descend on productivity, which in the professional work life of today, is the ultimate goal. 

However, increasing productivity also has some adverse effects, including more stress, time spent at uncomfortable desks, and downstream health consequences. That’s where Autonomous, the smart office and ergonomic furniture startup comes in to play. 

Focusing on a blend of productivity and ergonomic boosts for the modern work environment, Autonomous has been gaining traction among high-profile tech firms, gamers, and small businesses alike. 

“We saw such an increase in productivity when people were able to stand up and kinds of readjust themselves acclimatize to their surroundings,” detailed Dynamic Yield, one of Autonomous’ business customers

Following in the path of its flagship standing desk, the SmartDesk line, Autonomous is crafting a balanced, and innovative, modern office narrative. 

From Crowdfunding to Professional Work Environment Pioneers 

Autonomous has its roots in Kickstarter, the popular crowdfunding platform. Founded by a team of engineers who wanted to break down conventional office norms then piece back together a more modern work environment, Autonomous gained a loyal following on Kickstarter early on. 

On Kickstarter, users contribute smalls donations that, in aggregate, can help a small startup team to launch their product based on an idea or early prototype. And that’s precisely what Autonomous did in September 2015 when the team shipped the very first SmartDesks to its Kickstarter customers. 

The SmartDesk was one of the very first lines of automated, adjustable standing desks in the professional workplace, which caught on like wildfire in modern tech scenes — catching the eye of employers with lavish office spaces like Twitter and Amazon. 

Since then, Autonomous has expanded its product offering significantly. For example, desks like the SmartDesk 2 and SmartDesk Executive come with automated preferences for desk heights. Additionally, the company has augmented its product line with a suite of ergonomic chairs, such as the Kinn Chair, MyoChair, and Ergochair 2

Naturally, desks that offer both standing and sitting options, automation, and high-grade materials are appealing to professional workers. SmartDesks can have an immediate health benefit on employees by encouraging them to move around more. A more comfortable employee is a more productive one. 

And with the business world striving for that “insane productivity,” Autonomous is an easy choice in the corporate formula for enhanced employee productivity. 

Autonomous has been able to achieve a suite of advanced products at reasonable costs for a specific reason — it is a vertically integrated firm, encompassing all touchpoints of the supply chain. From the manufacturer to technical specifications, Autonomous oversees the entire process until the customer has their SmartDesk up and running. 

The line of different versions of the SmartDesk (e.g., the L-Shaped SmartDesk) is complemented by a ballooning suite of ergonomic chair products. Autonomous’ top-selling chair, the Kinn Chair, is crafted to offer optimal back posture and support for long periods of sitting down. Paired with standing desks, professionals have a type of optionality in their work comfort that promotes a more productive environment. 

Many small businesses and tech startups have turned to Autonomous products for their modern offices, and have been pleased with the results. Bootstrapping projects out of early small offices crammed in urban buildings is often not an ideal professional work environment, but it is those early stages where growth development is paramount. 

Those types of offices in cities from New York to Los Angeles are becomingly more common. With staffs increasingly comprised of tech-savvy young employees, Autonomous is an appealing option for many cash-conscious startups. Desks can be fitted to support high-tech monitor displays, grouped in standing clusters to encourage “deep work” (a term coined by Autonomous Founder, Duy Huynh), and even to help design workspaces that are compatible with human movement by reducing costs of coordination. 

Smaller spaces are no longer prohibitively confined to cubicles to maximize space-efficiency. They can become open, collaborative environments boosted by the subtle benefits afforded by standing desks and ergonomic chairs

The contemporary office space has evolved beyond its 1990’s cubicles and vanilla adornments, and now it’s time for the furniture to keep pace. Amid a rapid technological evolution and a more health-conscious workforce, Autonomous presents the type of productivity blend that the modern workforce demands. 

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