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In the Age of “Quiet Quitting,” Working with an Incentive Travel Planner is Key

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Employers and HR leaders have faced an onslaught of tough headlines lately, from adverse post-COVID hiring trends to the “quiet quitting” phenomenon. Simply put, companies are finding it harder than ever to assemble and maintain a highly qualified team; and employees who do remain in the fold are often unfocused, unsatisfied, and unengaged.

Naturally, putting together the right package of benefits and perks can help, showing employees that their happiness and wellbeing are top priorities. And yet, the days of office pizza parties and casual Fridays are long gone. To adapt to 2023’s real-world recruitment and retention challenges, businesses need a more robust set of incentives… incentives like travel.

Enter the Incentive Travel Partner

What if there was an option for top-achieving employees to earn getaways at bucket-list travel destinations? That’s just the kind of top-shelf benefit that an incentive travel planner can provide.

Incentive travel can be a critical addition to any employee rewards and recognition program, boosting employee motivation (and demonstrating gratitude for hard work) by providing business trips to exotic destinations, idyllic beaches, or scenic mountain communities. An incentive travel partner can help your HR team develop carefully-organized offsite experiences, team building activities, and general corporate retreat planning. Or they can simply provide an opportunity for your employees to enjoy a well-deserved week of R&R, away from their usual environment.

Incentive travel may be used to celebrate any team or departmental goals, but some common examples include individual sales goals, yearly sales goals, acquisitions, and employee longevity. Essentially, travel can be used to incentivize performance defined by any metric, or to motivate team members for any reason.

Why Consider Incentive Travel?

Incentive travel benefits can benefit your company in a number of ways:

Recruitment. As companies vie for top talents in an increasingly tight labor market, it may not be enough to offer good pay and sound insurance benefits. Employees often voice their interest in things like workplace culture, work-life balance, and out-of-the-box benefits… and travel incentives check all three boxes!

Retention. Not only can you use travel to recruit, but you can also leverage it to boost the job satisfaction of your current employees. Team members like to know that their efforts and loyalty are seen and appreciated, and what better way to demonstrate that than with a lavish travel incentive?

Productivity. “Quiet quitting” is the phrase ascribed to employees who do the bare minimum each day and are unwilling to go the extra mile. One way to get more out of your employees is by setting clear, measurable goals, then providing great rewards for anyone who helps to achieve those goals. Travel should be at the top of the list.

Team building. Employee getaways and corporate retreats can be more than mere incentives. They can also be powerful opportunities to forge connections and strengthen friendships between your team members, to say nothing of relationships between managers and employees. These relational benefits can carry over into the workplace, in the form of greater trust, better collaboration, and a stronger sense of unity.

These are just a few of the reasons why it makes sense to consider travel as an employee benefit. To ensure the best retreat locations, the most cost-effective packages, the smoothest logistics, and the most potent team building activities, make sure to work with an experienced incentive travel partner, who can remove much of the guesswork and administrative grind from your travel planning.

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