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In-house Versus Outsourcing Credentialing Services

Smooth credentialing services can lead to a healthy revenue cycle for your healthcare facility. You can choose either an in-house or outsourced credentialing process. The day-to-day operation of your healthcare facility can make it challenging to focus on credentialing activities effectively. Here is a comparison of in-house versus outsourcing credentialing services you can use:

In-house Credentialing

In-house credentialing can include full-time or part-time in-house personnel focusing on payer enrollment and credentialing. You can get a sense of control when relying on an in-house credentialing team, which you can inspect closely. Here are more features of in-house credentialing:


You may have to pay employee benefits, upfront software costs, IT costs, and monthly software payments when using credentialing services. You can incur the costs of training your employees to manage your revenue flows effectively. Taxes such as the federal unemployment tax that add to the costs of hiring an employee for insource credentialing may be applicable in your state.


To offer credentialing, you can hire in-house specialists with a Certified Provider Credentialing Specialists (CPCS) certification. Practitioners with this certification work full-time in-house to make sure your credentialing processes comply with regulatory bodies in your state. They can help you develop and enact credentialing processes for physicians and other medical practitioners.


The software for credentialing can prove costly. Healthcare facilities using in-house credentialing may have to meet certain monthly subscription fees or yearly contract terms for renewal. Obtaining new software or updates can increase the workload for healthcare facilities. The training costs connected to acquiring new systems can be costly and time-consuming.

Outsourcing Credentialing

Outsourcing credentialing relies on a dedicated service provider who focuses on credentialing activities. Your healthcare facility can concentrate on core healthcare competencies as the dedicated team handles credentialing activities. Letting a trustworthy third party manage issues like payer enrollment and medical claim processing can help enhance revenue generation and patient trust. Here are more characteristics of outsourcing credentialing:


It may cost less to hire a third party than to house an entire in-house staff. You may incur a monthly fee for the credentialing team without incurring costs to cater for employee benefits or the acquisition of software. It is possible to compensate the outsourced credentialing team based on your facility’s performance when you negotiate with credible outsourcing teams in advance.


Outsourced credentialing teams may assign certified credentialing personnel to work on your projects. The certifications may be necessary to employ personnel in credible credentialing service providers. Credentials, including the CPCS, may be required to reimburse employees in firms specializing in credentialing.


Outsourcing credentialing can help avoid cases where turnover disrupts the healthcare organization processes. Credentialing firms hire teams depending on the volume of activity needed for a particular organization. When a reputable credentialing company experiences a turnover, other team members can fill in smoothly and efficiently. Credentialing experts apply processes that make credentialing transactions or activities visible to all authorized personnel helping in revenue management and administrative activities.


Experienced credentialing service providers have their software or databases focusing on client credentialing needs. The credentialing partner may have software that addresses all aspects of the credentialing process, including the storage of documents, automating insurance applications, and tracking enrollment. The service may incorporate cloud-based applications to make sure client information is effectively backed up and accessible.

Consider Outsourcing Credentialing Services Today

You may hire an in-house credentialing team if your organization has the budget for aspects like training, acquisition of resources, and software licenses. Outsourcing a dedicated credentialing service provider can influence fast credentialing for the client, lower costs, lower risk of claim denials, and streamlined credentialing processes. Work with a reputable credentialing partner today for smooth revenue management and administration processes.


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