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In a World Where Visual Quality is Paramount, Storycards is Helping Businesses Stay in the Limelight

The digital world is a visual world. If you doubt that, consider the statistic that more than 1,000 photos are uploaded to Instagram every second. That means that on an average day, more than 86 million new images appear online just as a result of Instagram. That also means that businesses face more challenges than ever to stand out online and attract customer attention.

“People no longer spend hours gazing at a computer screen after work or class,” explains Gil Rabbi, founder and CEO of Storycards. “Instead, they use their mobile devices to stay online everywhere, all the time. But while they are online more, they are not staying on the same content for long periods. Rather they are moving to the next site or image very quickly.”

For businesses drowning in the sea of online visuals, Storycards introduces a solution that not only keeps you afloat, but also keeps customers anchored to your online content. And Storycards not only provides a tool that drives engagement, it provides it via a platform that anyone can navigate.

“Storycards is the world’s first editor to build professional and custom engagement products in a completely visual canvas with no code,” says Rabbi. “It not only attracts users, but also boosts their engagement, increases the time they spend on your site, and creates smarter segments based on their choices.”

Making every website a dynamic website

Web experts are reporting that the websites that succeed in 2022 and beyond will be those that provide a dynamic experience for visitors. Storycards allows for the user’s experience to flow based on user input, with the potential for each visit to be unique.

“With Storycards you can build multiple flows and create a unique experience according to the users’ choices in each card,” Rabbi says. “Storycards lets content editors show different types of cards to every user, differentiating by their choices and engagement with the product.”

The interactivity offered by the Storycards platform not only boosts engagement by guiding users through a highly personalized and dynamic experience, but also allows businesses to learn from users and direct them to a customized buying opportunity based on their feedback.

“One of the keys to the effectiveness of Storycards is the way that it employs artificial intelligence,” Rabbi explains. “The platform provides feedback on how to improve itself as well as how to increase the level of engagement with the site users. Storycards assigns a score for each product created on the platform, which shows the website or app owner what users are doing with it and what should be improved, in real-time.”

Storycards provides a variety of customizable engagement tools including quizzes, polls, and lead forms. Want to know if your visitors prefer mid century modern or shabby chic? Invite them to an interactive poll that explores tastes in design. Have a business that provides credit counseling? Quiz visitors on your website on just how much they know about the importance of FICO scores. Not only do these tools increase the time spent on site, but they also provide you with invaluable data on who your visitors are and what it takes to convert them to customers.

“To improve the engagement, we need to allow the user to choose, express his opinion, influence, and, in the end, see what others have thought and where he stands compared to other users,” says Rabbi. “That is the main formula for success.”

Providing a no-code option for boosting engagement

Among the myriad of tools that exist for crafting interactivity and boosting engagement, Storycards stands out as the world’s first editor to build professional and custom engagement products in a completely visual no-code canvas.

No-code technology provides non-techies with a user-friendly interface, typically featuring drag-and-drop options, that can be used to build digital assets from graphics to animations to apps. By removing the need for technical expertise and lengthy development processes, no-code platforms allow businesses to build digital engagement tools in a shorter time and on a smaller budget. No-code technology empowers businesses that do not have ready access to technical services to bring engagement ideas to life.

With Storycards, the team that dreams up the interactive experience can be the same team that develops the interactive asset. Its customization tools allow users to make templates their own, including selecting elements that coordinate with brand guidelines.

“Storycards gives you the ability to create any concept and the freedom to design as you want, with no limits,” Rabbi explains. “Start with a template or from scratch and bring your idea to life. Storycards equips you with cutting edge responsive design that is as easy as drag and drop. No code needed.”

Learning about visitors in real time

Once your poll, quiz, or other engagement tool is developed, Storycards allows users to embed it in any website or app so that engagement with visitors becomes seamless. As engagement begins, users are provided with real-time feedback that grows their understanding of their audience. The insight provided by Storycard data can be used to engineer smarter engagement, to inform personalized marketing efforts, and to develop advertising with a deeper understanding of market needs.

The protocols put in place by the COVID-19 pandemic pushed more shoppers than ever online and those shoppers say they are looking for more than a product or a deal. They want an experience that grabs their attention and earns their loyalty. Storycards gives any business the ability to create a dynamic and interactive experience that attracts customers and increases conversions.

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