Improving employee communication through innovation

Improving employee communication

With change being the only constant in the business environment, companies big and small go through constant transformations. Some happen unexpectedly and are imposed upon managers by external forces, such as economic crises or changes in the legislation, while others can be anticipated or are planned, such as the implementation of new technologies, rebranding, company acquisitions and mergers, entering new markets, shifting to a hybrid work model, and so on. Regardless of their nature, all these transformations have a great impact on employee experience and company performance. 

It’s also important to mention that apart from the internal changes happening on a company level, there’s also a lot of noise coming from the outside world, amplified by the constant streams of messages from social media and the online space and the prevalence of the digital devices in our lives, which often leads to information overload. All in all, there are many things competing for your employees’ attention that can make internal communication a challenge. 

But while tech advances can sometimes frustrate communication with employees, they also provide solutions to many of the obstacles that companies face today. From videos and interactive emails to collaboration and communication platforms, there are plenty of innovative tools and methods that can help employers get their message across and improve employee engagement, and we’re going to cover the most effective ones in this article. 

Emails done differently 

While some consider email obsolete and predict its demise, data suggests otherwise. Despite the emergence of a wide variety of new communication tools, for the vast majority of companies, email remains the preferred channel for internal communication, so it’s highly improbable that emails will become extinct in the business setting anytime soon. What’s a lot more likely to happen and what we’re actually noticing today is a transformation of this popular tool. In other words, the good ol’ reliable email is getting a tech makeover. 

Slowly but surely, interactive emails are making their way into the workplace, adding an edge to internal communication. This new generation of emails contains a range of features and functionalities like GIFs, videos, surveys, or calendars that allow users to interact and engage with the content they receive. Improving upon an existing tool that employees are already familiar with by adding interactive elements is a great way to stir curiosity and incite engagement, ultimately leading to more efficient communication. 

However, employees are flooded daily with emails of little relevance, opposing priorities, and low value. Therefore you need to look at more innovative communication solutions, part of an employee communication platform.

Text messaging 

SMS communication might not be something groundbreaking, but it can be a real game-changer in the business environment. Initially reserved only for communicating urgent information to employees or delivering last-minute updates, the prevalence of text messages in the workplace has increased considerably in recent years. 

Smartphone usage among employees is already on the rise, so it makes perfect sense for companies to embrace a communication method that workers are comfortable with in order to provide convenience and ease of use. SMS provides a simple and effective way for employers to send instant messages and keep their staff in the loop regardless of their physical location. This is especially useful when dealing with a dispersed workforce, as is the case for a growing number of businesses today. 

Digital signage

Most workplaces nowadays are plastered with digital screens. Combine that with the fact that most people are already wired to consume content passively, and you get another highly effective tool for passing on important information to employees. Employers can make use of digital signage to communicate with their staff and keep them in the loop with the latest updates and events that are happening in the company, much like creating their own internal TV channel. 

This is a great way to reach a large number of people at once with minimal effort. When employees take a break or walk along company halls, they can see these news and messages displayed on every screen they come across, so they’ll automatically consume the content you provide. Obviously, digital signage only targets employees that are physically present in the office. For your remote workforce, you can use an employee app. Reach all your employees, on every device, with an employee communication platform. 


It’s a well-known fact that video content is king on social media, but you may not be aware that it can be equally powerful in the workplace as a tool for internal comms. There are solid reasons to add videos to your internal communication strategy. For starters, messages that are conveyed in visual form are much more attractive and engaging. It’s also a lot easier for people to process and retain information when watching a video compared to reading. On top of it, videos can help companies save time and money by reducing the use of printed materials, streamlining the onboarding process, and replacing certain brief meetings. 

Obviously, you’ll have to use video recording and editing tools to build your video content. Fortunately, there’s a wide range of platforms and software that can help you create engaging videos and send them to your employees through a variety of channels. 

Virtual events

Company events represent a great opportunity to bring your tea closer together and thus encourage communication and collaboration. Unfortunately, organizing these types of events doesn’t come cheap, not to mention it may not be a viable option if most of your team is working remotely.

That’s where virtual events come into play. The best part about virtual events, apart from the accessibility they provide and the ability to communicate with ease with a large number of employees, is the fact that they can take many forms, from gaming sessions and happy hours to online training or webinars, so you get to decide what works best for your team. 

As the influx of information in the workplace keeps increasing, it’s important for employers to find new ways to ensure important messages are promptly delivered and reach employees in due time. Fortunately, there’s also an ever-expanding range of creative and innovative tools that businesses can leverage to improve communication in the workplace, so you have the opportunity to explore your options and choose the methods that suit your company’s needs.

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