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Impress Your Team Members With Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts are great for marketing. When you reward loyal customers and employees with branded merchandise, they will feel appreciated and become more loyal to your company. Promotional products are effective for a variety of reasons. For one, people love being appreciated for their efforts. When customers spend a large sum of cash on your business, they expect more than a thank you. By handing out branded promo products to your loyal customers, you will retain them. Promotional products are items that can be used daily. This means that your brand will get a lot of exposure as customers and employees use promotional products in public places. Promotions Warehouse has all kinds of promotional merchandise. The company also offers graphic design and printing services for branding purposes. The mission of the company is to provide clients with the highest quality promotional products at the lowest cost possible.

Types of Promotional Products for Employees

No business can run effectively without employees. For this reason, employers need to take good care of their employees. One way to appreciate them is to give them quality corporate gifts. The following are examples of branded corporate gifts you may want to consider ordering for your team members:

1. Branded Hoodies

Hoodies are great to wear in chilly weather. They are also more expensive than t-shirts so your employees will appreciate these gifts more than t-shirts. Be sure to order branded hoodies in all your brand colors. Your company logo should feature prominently both on the front and back of these hoodies. As your employees walk in public spaces wearing these hoodies, your brand will get a lot of exposure. Your employees will also feel like proud brand ambassadors as they wear their hoodies.

2. Branded Bags

Most employees usually carry a bag with them to work. These bags contain personal items, such as packed lunch, water bottles, medication, gym clothes, writing pads, pens, and the like. Be sure to also order branded bags, such as duffel bags and backpacks among other types of bags. To get the best results, make sure the bags are high-quality and durable.

3. Umbrellas

When the weather is unpredictable, it is usually good to carry an umbrella with you because you can’t be sure that it won’t rain. While your employees can afford to buy umbrellas, you can take the opportunity to improve the visibility of your brand by ordering branded umbrellas. Since umbrellas come in different sizes and designs, it is recommended you order different types of branded umbrellas. All your employees should get this high-value gift as a way of appreciating them as well as promoting your brand. Branded umbrellas are popular because they are usually visible so they can expose your brand to a large number of people. Secondly, umbrellas can be used during both summer and winter to protect the user from the elements.

4. Branded USB Drives

In the information age, everyone can use a high-capacity USB drive. As you reward your team with this gift, make sure the branding is visible. This will help you get the best results. Many companies usually make the mistake of buying low-capacity flash drives for their employees. These drives are usually left unused or given to other people because most people can afford higher-capacity drives. Anything below 128GB should be ignored.

5. Branded T-Shirts

Some people consider branded t-shirts overrated. Well, if you give your valued employees cheap t-shirts, you may not get the desired results. Consider buying polo-neck, v-neck, and long-sleeve t-shirts that are made of pure cotton. The graphic designs on the t-shirts should also be impressive, so you may want to hire an expert graphic designer to do the design for you. Branded t-shirts are like walking billboards if people are willing to wear them. Imagine someone walking into a busy shopping mall wearing your branded t-shirt. This can expose your brand to a lot of people. Now imagine dozens of employees wearing branded t-shirts as they walk into busy public spaces. The results can be incredible.

6. Branded Travel Mugs

Everybody loves travel mugs as they are handy. These mugs allow the user to have their coffee on the go. Be sure to order the highest-quality travel mugs and brand them neatly to ensure you get the best possible results. Remember to check out all the available travel mug designs to identify the best mugs for your valued team members.

7. Branded Wall Clocks

One of the best corporate gifts that many people usually forget is branded clocks. Nowadays, most people usually look at their phones to find out what time of the day it is. However, if there is an accurate clock on the wall, most people would check the time on the clock instead of on their phones. Branded clocks are among the best promotional goods in existence because clocks are timeless, so they can be used year-in-year-out. Anyone who walks into the home of one of your employees will notice your brand and come to associate with it. The more clocks you give to your employees and customers the better.

8. Branded Keychains

Everyone has a bunch of keys with their car, house, and office keys on the bunch. Since people usually carry their keys with them wherever they go, gifting your team members branded keychains is a great idea. This type of gift has the longest lifespan, so be sure to make an effort to find the most amazing keychains to gift your employees.

9. First Aid Kits

This is a good one. Most employers have never thought of first aid kits as promotional products, but they are among the best. During summer, most people usually go out with their families and engage in outdoor activities like biking, camping, hiking, mountain climbing, and fishing among others. There is always the risk of injuries when engaging in outdoor activities. Therefore, gifting your employees branded first aid boxes is a great way of urging them to have fun and stay safe during the holidays.

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