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Important Tips Every Frontend Javascript Developer Should Follow

A front-end developer’s job is to build UI, which is mostly done by following the design provided. Javascript is the language used for frontend development. There are some tips that every front-end Javascript developer should follow. While it is complex to understand the design strategy and methodology completely and this is why all frontend developers are not expert when it comes to designing and UI/UX.

To make developers’ lives easier as well as for recruiters who want to hire JS developers, here are some tips that front-end developers should know and practice in daily programming. 

First design then build

A front-end developer has to make hundreds of changes in design and code to make things work the right way. There is yet to come a day when a developer has built something exactly how they imagined or wanted to. 

Designing the website or even an app before starting to write code will always be a wise choice. Use whatever software you want to use, whether it be photoshop, illustrator, or some other tools like GIMP. Whatever you do, do not start writing the code before designing what the final product should look like. 

Develop what the design is

Whether you have designed the website yourself or not, once the design is in for development follow the design instead of going one-up. Leave the design job to designers, you develop the best by following the design. 

Typography matters

Surprised to read! It’s true, typography might seem like it’s nothing but it matters a lot and can shape a dull looking website to something interesting. You will also be surprised to know how much time designers have to spend figuring out the perfect typography. 

Using more than 2 or 3 when something’s dying is more than enough, anything above that is an overkill and can ruin the look of a website.

Tunnel vision, there is no room for it

Tunnel vision is a development term used when a developer is hyper-focused on small and one specific part of the design. Spending hours and even days on it while the rest of the entire website is getting ignored.

If JS developers for hire are stuck at something, they take a break and refresh their mind. Do whatever you like, then come back. If you feel stuck again, move to some other part and leave it for some other day.

Design hierarchy and its relationship

Every good design has a hierarchy and to follow that is a javascript developer’s job. For instance, how big is the title, how far is the first section from title and heading. How much space is between two sections etc,. Pay attention to the hierarchy and try to follow it. 

Section alignment and whitespaces

Eyeballing the alignment and design will not always work. Good developers do not rely on eyeballing alone. Check what units the design is using for alignment and whitespace. If they are multiple of 10s or 20s, use the same multiples. Instead of using cms or other constant units go for relevant units like rem or vm.

As a javascript developer you should spend time understanding the design, then give your best to develop the best. Understanding design comes first. Just following the design is a novice step, to become better javascript developers for hire, understand why elements are the way they are, and slowly you will reach there.

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