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Important Party Tips For Direct Sellers

Facebook parties are a great way for direct sellers to get to know and have fun with people they have never met and grow their business at the same time. In fact, we all love a girls’ night out where we get dressed and leave the kids with hubby to organize a great party at your host’s home. A Facebook party is usually a great way to entertain your guests on any day of the week without having to leave the comfort of your house.

In reality, not all Facebook parties are created alike. Some parties are epic and you should be known for throwing such a party. So how do you throw an epic Facebook party? Easy, learn from those who have thrown such parties and are willing to share their experience with you. We have consulted a few of our CinchShare Brand Ambassadors to learn what they do to have a successful Facebook party and this is what they said:

#1 You Must Coach Your Host

The first tip for a successful Facebook party is to make sure the host is comfortable, knowledgeable, and excited about what to expect before, during, and after the party. Both of you should work as a team. In fact, both of you want to get the sales and entertain the guests just as you would do in person. Make your host know that both of you are going to plan a great party for the guests. Without host coaching, it might be difficult to throw out a great party. Most hosts are clueless as to what they should do at their home parties. In fact, they really don’t know how to organize a Facebook party, and it is our job to have the tips ready for a successful party. Although video coaching works best in such a situation, you should keep them short and to the point. Don’t forget to explain the host benefits to your host. They should have an idea about how they are going to earn free products with your creative host plan. Show them what they will be working for and how to get there. Then he or she will be more excited to work his/her party the way we want them to.

#2 Increase The Fun Factor

People usually want to be entertained and not just attend a party filled with product posts. Have pre-posts ready to break the ice, play a game, and get to know the guests so that they are excited and willing to participate throughout the duration of the party. Facebook parties are not only about selling products but building great relationships too. Post comments and articles that make people smile and feel good. In fact, you should also be commenting on comments.

#3 Make Your Party Memorable

It doesn’t need to be a special occasion or holiday to have a theme party. In fact, you can host a fun party theme any night of the week. Give the host a few themes that you love throwing and have her pick one that suits her needs. Check out our album on the business page or use the free graphics in our CinchShare Shared Folder and get them instantly imported into your account. Once your guests get to know that your parties are unique and entertaining with the help of Premier Glow, they will be asking you to host more parties. Make sure you throw themed parties that you are really passionate about. It should be something that excites you and gets you researching. When you are really passionate about something, your guests will come to know about it through your behavior.

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