Importance of security in business communication tools 


Data security is one of the top prioritized aspects of business communication. Companies have realized that high data protection is quite essential to keep information safe. Since the overnight workplace transition during the pandemic, companies have struggled with the concept of information security for safe and secure communication. A traditionally on-site workforce suddenly switched to a fully remote working model. With this transition, companies increasingly relied on online communication and collaboration tools.

Online collaboration tools helped teams to exchange and access information from anywhere. These business communication tools do more than just chat and call, they help in the easy storage and retrieval of information with the help of cloud backup.

As workplaces move towards flexibility, remote employees are more at risk of a data breach. They may lack a secure internet connection and a company-owned device with the right tools to ensure data security. Companies must ensure that their company data is safe from cyber threats.

4 Key Essentials for a secure business communication software

To provide advanced security to your chats and online communications, it is important to adhere to a strict security protocol including the following components:

  1. End-to-end encryption prevents third parties from accessing data and tampering with messages. This feature is crucial for a business communication tool as it keeps employee conversations private and protected from prying eyes.
  2. Secure and trusted hosting infrastructure

It is important to ensure that the business communication software is securely hosted on a reliable, scalable, and effective cloud computing platform such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  1. Strong password security and authentication Strengthening password security is key to preventing hackers from accessing chats and files. Complex alpha-numeric passwords should be encouraged. Privacy can be protected with CAPTCHA and account locks.
  2. Consistent and diligent IT support An efficient IT team is vital for proper and consistent security management. The IT team is responsible for monitoring the system for threats. Employee software needs to be updated and devices configured to new software versions.

6 Chat software with high-security protocol and high-user engagement

Here are a few notables business communication tools that have a proven data security protocol:

  1. Clariti

Clariti is one of the most secure web-based business communication software that allows users to chat, call, share files, and access emails. It eliminates the need to subscribe to multiple tools as it combines all communications into a single platform.  Clariti’s high-security features make it a great platform for secure business communication. It offers a strong encryption model to protect the data. It supports a multi-layered authentication system. Each employee has access only to the information they strictly need and nothing more.  Since the platform is hosted in AWS, it meets all the compliance requirements such as SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 (formerly SAS 70 Type II), SOC2, SOC3, FISMA, DIACAP, FedRAMP, PCI DSS Level 1, ISO 27001 and Cloud Security Alliance. Clariti relies on AWS’s built-in security features to meet specific business requirements and protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data in the cloud.

If the user deletes their Clariti account, all the information gets fully deleted. Hence, there is no scope for data leakage.

  1. Threema

Three is an open-source messaging app with end-to-end encryption. Since it is open source, it allows users to verify the accuracy of the encryption. Threema’s high-end server ensures that all data is protected from hackers.  The chat software has a distinctive privacy feature where the server allows the complete deletion of messages once the recipient receives the message. Adding on to the security, there is also no requirement for the user to sign up using their email id and phone number.

  1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging and calling apps that is also quite popular among business teams. WhatsApp has a privacy policy that protects its user data from leakage. It has end-to-end encryption where chat privacy is given the utmost priority. This encryption ensures no third party can read or listen to the calls or messages. The app also allows users to protect their accounts with a PIN.

  1. Signal

The signal is another easy-to-use chat app that uses encryption to ensure that data is private and secure. It ensures that its users have a platform to express themselves and communicate securely and freely.  It uses end-to-end encryption as an advanced security measure to protect its user privacy.

Moreover, its advanced security settings also enable erasing their data. Users can choose their desired time frame to disappear the data. They can also set this timer for every conversation in the app.

  1. Private

Private is a one-of-a-kind messaging app that offers triple encryption for user chats, emails, videos, and browsing. It offers a top-notch RSA 4096-bit, an SHA-256 encryption technology that does not rely upon servers but instead provides a direct link between the sender and recipient of the message. Private has an auto-delete timer that allows users to erase sensitive messages or call history from the sender’s and recipient’s devices.

  1. Wickr

Wickr is a secure instant messaging app owned by AWS. The app has a lot of features that offer high data security. Not only does it provide end-to-end encryption, but it also provides a ‘self-destruct’ feature. With this feature, messages like text, images, and calls can be erased from the app by default. It also has advanced security features like a video-key verification system which helps users take encrypted videos for user verification.


Data privacy and security should be the prime concern of business organizations using business communication tools. Ensure that everyone in the company follows a strict security protocol that protects company data. Though the investment in security can be quite heavy, it is better than paying the cost of a data breach. Strong IT support is the key executor of the company’s safety standards. They ensure that employees are aware of the company’s security policies. It is also important that they monitor and maintain the system consistently to prevent the threats of hackers.

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