Importance of Chatbots and various types of Chatbots


The chatbot was at first not well admired by people However with the recent development in chatbot builders and artificial intelligence which has significantly risen over the years. In this article we are going to share details about chatbot like what is a chatbot & Its types.

 All chatbots are designed to serve the same purpose: They tend to give a similar user experience to that of interacting with a normal human. We will be discussing a few chatbots which one can use in day-to-day life.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program, which works on Artificial Intelligence, it can talk to you through Voice and also through chat. It has many names like Conversational Agents, Talk Bot, Ai Bot, Chatterbot, etc. The industries where it shines are vast. Conversational AI and chatbots can improve customer experiences, assist with answering FAQs, order tracking, and even booking flights, hotels, or rental cars. They have proven to be valuable assets across numerous industries, revolutionizing customer experiences by providing efficient, personalized, and round-the-clock support, ultimately benefiting both businesses and their customers.

Types of Chatbot

Button-based chatbots:-  It is the most basic form of chatbots. It’s basically just a menu with answers to recently asked frequently asked questions. It has the same interface as to how a user interacts with the automatic phone menu. It also has a real-time option to select if required. We can use all these solutions to make sure a solution has been found out.

Rule-based chatbots:-  The second most basic form of chatbot is rule-based chatbots. This variant pulls topic areas from user queries using if-then logic. When the user inputs a particular type of word like “size-chart”, the programmer creates a rule-based bot that would offer the relevant image. It takes a lot of time to program these bots and the time complexity of the code is also an issue. Users mostly prefer blatantly robotic responses to seemingly random inquiries.

Natural Learning Processing (NLP) chatbots:-  It is the third basic and one of the best chatbot options. Keyword recognition bots can extract meaning from relevant terminology and respond freely using Natural Language Processing (NLP), a startlingly realistic modeling technique.

Machine Learning chatbots:- It is the fourth and the last type of chatbot. It is much better and is much more powerful in comparison to other chatbots which are available to us. This is because it can retain the previous chats that we had brought through. For recurrent users, this memory allows for customized responses. Not every company requires a Turing Test-passing bot. Even said, given recent computing breakthroughs, today’s smartest bots will pale in contrast to tomorrow’s technology

Various different types of chatbots are available to customers. All these are very important to various types of business and consumer applications. We will discuss a couple of them.

Customer Support Chatbots:– The most common and frequently used chatbot. The chatbot’s job is to do the same things that a customer service agent or a live agent would do in person or over the phone. The best advantage is that it is capable of functioning for 24 hours a day for a whole week. Consumer involvement is improved and is also cost-effective. If a corporation wished to relieve its support department of inbound support requests or calls, it could use a customer service chatbot.

eCommerce Chatbots: When a shopping assistant or support representative would ordinarily assist a customer, chatbots in eCommerce, retail, and booking aid the user in completing a transaction. A chatbot may be highly useful for customer transactions since it can assist the user in finding what they are looking for rather than requiring them to explore a vast website or a lengthy ordering process.

Skill Chatbots:- They are also known as virtual assistant chatbots. They have the same working mechanism as Siri and Alexa. The user provides a command which the chatbot takes as input and performs an action. These types of chatbots don’t require text commands, they can just be told to and they will perform them.

Booking chatbots:-  It is one of the most common types of chatbot available. It helps the customers in booking various types of tickets and other customer services. These are mostly found in airlines, railways, and other forms of travel agencies. These are the most user-friendly chatbots.


Chatbot has been one of the recent developments in the past. This has helped a lot of people in achieving the various types of tasks and booking tickets. People were now able to easily understand things on websites and order items in the same way. These chatbots are now used by most websites across the world and will be used more in the future. They are one of the most amazing features on the internet to watch out for. I hope now you get an answer about what is a Chatbot

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