Impact Of HyperLedger Besu In The Blockchain Adoption

HyperLedger Besu

The adoption of blockchain technology is on the rise, and every sector comes with some complex problems. 

HyperLedger Besu solves the complex problem of the Pharmaceutical industry.

With the help of HyperLedger Besu node, a mechanism is created in the Pharmaceutical industry that can help to save unused medications and offer the patients in need. 

The article reflects on HyperLedger Besu and the use case of the Pharmaceutical industry –  

What is HyperLedger Besu? 

HyperLedger Besu is an open-source protocol started in 2015 by the Linux Foundation. HyperLedger Besu is a Java-based Ethereum client that can run on public, private, and test networks. The HyperLedger Besu was also known by the name of Pantheon. 

Pegasys have adapted HyperLedger Besu’s development, and the engineering team is linked to Consensys.

Ethereum client is software designed to implement Ethereum protocol for specific use cases with the below core components – 

  1. Process transactions with the help of the Ethereum blockchain. 
  2. Transaction-related data storage. 
  3. Peer-to-peer networking tools. 
  4. Developers interacting with the help of APIs with the Ethereum blockchain. 

Consensus Protocols of HyperLedger Besu – 

HyperLedger Besu comes with numerous consensus protocols. As Ethereum is implemented, Proof of Work (PoW) is given. But HyperLedger Besu comes with Proof of Authority (PoA) which is helpful for enterprise-related projects. Further, the PoA comes with 2 options – Clique and IBFT 2.0, which provide distinct features. 

In terms of starters, IBFT 2.0 provides immediate finality by ensuring valid blocks are included in the main chain. But, Clique lacks immediate finality, which means that the consensus protocol is vulnerable to forks. 

Clique can tolerate half of the validators failing because it is more fault-tolerant than IBFT 2.0. But IBFT 2.0 requires at least 2-3 validators for the creation of blocks. 

The risk of fork grows in Clique depending on the number of validators. Moreover, Clique performs better in block generation speed than IBFT 2.0. And IBFT 2.0 increases the block generation time as more validators are added. 

Use cases for HyperLedger Besu – 

HyperLedger Besu has significantly impacted the Pharmaceutical industry. The HyperLedger Besu leverages Ethereum Mainnet to solve complex problems and can be extremely valuable in an industry dealing with sensitive data and strict regulations. 

One of the most prominent issues in the pharmaceutical industry in the US is the wastage of prescription drugs, amounting to $2 billion annually. Thus, the most desirable solution will be destroying unused medications, but another problem with this solution is the cost of disposing of those unused medications. 

Thus, the most productive solution would be creating a mechanism to return unused medicines to patients needing them. And the most practical aspects for better efficiency would be – 

  • Pharmacies start accepting unused medications. 
  • Clinics and Patients start donating unused medications.  
  • Control and transparency for the expiration and quality check of unused medications. 
  • Data security of the mechanism. 

One of the best examples is the Save Pharmaceutical project which leverages HyperLedger Besu but is under development. Further, it connects with drug repositories, pharmacies, and medication donors like individual patients, clinics, and assisted living facilities. 

Blockchain infrastructure company like Zeeve provide HyperLedger Besu node, which supports both private and public networks. 

The mechanism will help patients who need medications but cannot avail of them due to financial problems can get quality medications. HyperLedger Besu serves the operation through its public network and can help pharmacies to maintain complete control over the acceptance and verification of the medications. 

Conclusion – 

The HyperLedger Besu ecosystem will create new opportunities for enterprises using the public network. The most important part of the HyperLedger Besu is that it is simple to set up and install general system requirements. 

The HyperLedger use case of the Pharmaceutical industry reflects how complex problems can be solved by creating the mechanism. And, slowly, the HyperLedger Besu is gaining momentum in blockchain technology.

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