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Impact Of Data Scientists on Education: Will It Happen and How Big It Will Be?

Data Scientists

The use of data scientists as a role that brings a lot of responsibility becomes increasingly important and more and more present today. Those are usually people that are considered professionals in providing crucial data for the development of some industry, business model, or institution of high value. If we want to bring our educational systems to higher levels, we have to accept that some changes in leadership positions are needed. That’s the reason why data scientists can be the right selection. Bringing people of huge knowledge and experience can benefit education and make it better. Hence, there are already data scientists who are hired by colleges and high schools but they still don’t have a desirable impact on education as a whole. So, what influence will they have in the future, and will it happen at all? Stay tuned to find out.

The Power of Data Science Analysis

It is well-known that educational institutions are filled with many different data on a daily basis. From the students’ grades, test results, to their attendance frequency, cultural and private interests. Simplified, there are piles of information that have to be stored and checked correctly. Unfortunately, sometimes problems with this may occur. And that’s where data scientists can jump up and provide schools with useful applications that will regularly work on these data. The point is that with an investigation of the right level of education, this role can truly have a huge impact shortly. Although there are some risks, if we work thoroughly and with a clear vision of the direction that should be followed, positive results are the ones that should be expected. With proper analysis of all academic records, the entire educational system can be enhanced. So, modern data scientists can play a big role in the implementation of some apps that will put all the information necessary into a single basket. Even though we are currently far away from its bigger involvement, we are getting close to it every day.

What About Data Scientists’ Stats?

As data scientists are relatively new, especially in education, it is clear that they will have to fight for their place and prove their worth. Although business communities started to invest in data as a whole, a lot of educators are still not convinced enough about data scientists’ purpose and their role. If we have in mind that many teachers have been using academic records into their hands, it is not surprising to see how some of them can disagree with the existence of data scientists. They simply struggle to give away their habit. But the use of those professionals is considered for the good of everyone involved. According to Burtch Works, a recruitment firm, over 80% of data scientists are highly educated. It means they possess at least a Master’s level of education. Even half of them have Ph.D. beside their names. But after all, theoretical knowledge has no true value without successful transmission of it in practical usage. It implies that data scientists will have to cooperate with educators and take their knowledge to their advantage. The stats can’t work for them. It only gives a quality starting point for data scientists which they have to materialize in the best possible way.

Skepticism Must Be Overcome

After getting involved with something completely new, skepticism is more or less always present. With the case of data scientists, it is not any different. It is a common practice for educators to know every single detail about the students’ behavior during out-of-school activities, the financial status of their households, as well as their private things referred to who they are living, etc. Additionally, they have an insight into their attendance at their classes and how they are progressing with each of them. This is specifically the case for K-12. For college educators, it is a little bit different though. Anyways, when we have a look at this, something that must be bothersome is whether data scientists can keep the same amount of involvement as these professors did. That’s where the biggest skepticism lies. Educators are often aware of students’ test scores too. So, it is just another thing for data scientists to think about. Something these professionals should focus on is how they will fill their schedules. There is no doubt that it must be thoroughly covered without places for mistakes. When you analyze important data like students’ activities or grades, you must act like a machine. It is on data scientists to relieve the possible critics and take off that skepticism from their back. 

Curriculum Updates

Curriculum updates represent an important part of students’ studying. It is like when they have to create a cover page for an essay but without having the newest information or changes in requirements that can be established at any moment. Educational institutions are the ones responsible for providing students with all the latest news related to their classes, practices, or dates of exams. Thus, data scientists can play a significant role in this field. Organizations of educational character frequently have a goal of providing students with all the necessary knowledge they need. Hence, data scientists can be helpful as they can be responsible to provide them with all the latest data and prepare them for challenging times that are ahead. These experts can have an insight into future trends which can benefit students in terms of the level of their familiarity with them.


It is hard to predict how this situation with data scientists will evolve but it will certainly require some time to reach its full potential. The only thing for us to do is hope it won’t fail expectations and that will truly help students to have a brighter future.

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