ImmuneBytes Powers Ahead with $4.1Bn in Crypto Assets Assessed

ImmuneBytes, a trailblazer Web3 and blockchain security company specializing in smart contract audits, is all set to launch its new platform and products— which aim to ensure robust security in the Web3 space.  

The blockchain industry has been on a roll for quite a while and is expected to touch the mark of $34Bn by 2026. However, the ever-increasing hacking incidents are a reason to worry. The frequency of crypto hacks has been sharply increasing since 2018. This opened up the opportunity for a sophisticated blockchain security market.  

One such entity— ImmuneBytes, came up as a promising blockchain security company—with a mission to build a secure Web3 space for users. It began its voyage in the year 2020 as a smart contract auditing company, which soon became popular for its audit’s reliability, and comprehensiveness. ImmuneBytes has shown remarkable growth and has successfully audited 175+ projects in a short span of just two years.  

It offers auditing services to DeFi organizations. These services mainly deal with the creation and execution of smart contracts, the development of dApps and DEXs, NFT and stablecoin contracts, as well as the creation of digital wallets. 

Initially, it offered blockchain security auditing services for Ethereum and Solidity smart contracts, which was later expanded to other blockchains. Today it serves projects on 16 blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Polkadot, Solana, Fantom, and others.  

After two years of successful operation, they have added 145+ happy clients to their clientele. 

This is what one of its clients has to say about its services.  

Jérémi Lepetit, Retreeb

“We were already amazed at ImmuneBytes’responsiveness, extensive audit report, and smart contract fuzzing service were the highlights for us that helped us rectify several high-severity issues. “

In fact, there is an endless list of well-known enterprises that have worked with ImmuneBytes. 

The idea of this promising startup was contemplated by its founder and CEO, Aabhas Sood. Aabhas is an Amity University alumnus who, from his graduation days, was involved in the blockchain industry and later took it as a full-time profession. However, the worn-out techniques used by his employer organization pushed him to discontinue his job and start something of his own.  

His only vision was to do complete justice to the blockchain security industry, whose core feature is “innovation.” He says, “People are afraid because of the erratic nature of the blockchain market and the growing frequency of hacks. It’s time to introduce best practices, such as deploying audited code on the mainnet, ethical hacking of on-chain initiatives, and risk coverage, to make the blockchain sector more resilient.” 

Looking at an exponentially growing blockchain market— ImmuneBytes came up with a multi-pronged approach to tackle the blockchain security domain. 

It has decided to launch a bug bounty platform, where whitehat hackers will find the security loopholes in a blockchain project to prevent it from the risks of future exploitation.  

Its alert tool— AlertBytes— notifies blockchain users every time their wallet or smart contract makes a transaction. Additionally, one of its teams is working on a DeFi insurance product built along the lines of commonly used insurance covers. 

ImmuneBytes‘ USP, i.e., smart contract auditing services, requires several tools to include automated testing in its auditing process. Working with these tools, its auditing team realizes that almost none of them offers a comprehensive verification of the code for vulnerabilities. So, it decided to come up with its own tool. It will cater to almost 100+ vulnerabilities in a smart contract with severity ranging from high to low and even informational bugs. In fact, this tool is in the final stage of its launch.  

ImmuneBytes’ growth is nothing less than a dream. In a short span of time, this startup has established a strong presence in the crypto market, forging a path for itself with hard work and determination. Their clients eagerly await the exciting developments that are on the horizon. It is as if ImmuneBytes is a phoenix, rising from the ashes and growing stronger with each passing day. The future is looking bright for this ambitious young company, and it will be fascinating to see where their journey takes them next. 

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ImmuneBytes offers enterprises and startups detailed smart contract auditing solutions for their projects to have a secure commencement. It administers stern smart contract audits, employing both static and dynamic analysis, alongside examining a contract’s code and gas optimization, leaving no escape route for bugs. Its auditors pace ahead with the latest developments in the security space and offer comprehensive audit reports with the quickest turnaround time. 

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