Imminent Price Hike For Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) See Investors Rush To Catch Bargain Prices

Orbeon Protocol Investors

Orbeon Protocol is a decentralized investment platform that allows everyone, from whales to snails, to participate in the early stages of web2 and web3 projects. Their native token, ORBN, recently rose by 805% to $0.0362 as it entered the third and final stage of its presale. Once the tokens are sold out, or the closing date of the presale arrives, (whichever comes first), the token will be launched for a minimum of $0.06 on Uniswap.

Important things to know about Orbeon Protocol

The platform offers startups the ability to raise funds through the sale of fractionalized, equity-backed NFTs, which can be purchased for a relatively low amount and should increase in value as the startup succeeds. 

Orbeon Protocol has a number of features that ensure its long-term viability, including a liquidity pool that is locked for 10 years, team tokens that are locked for 1 year before vesting quarterly, and a smart contract that has been audited for security.  These features provide some much needed safety and security in the current iteration of the crypto world.

Another bullish fact to note is that Orbeon Protocol looks to make crypto startup investing easier than existing launchpads; providing an onramp for fiat, an integrated exchange and claiming portal, and an inbuilt wallet, meaning that users can invest quickly, and receive tokens easily and without fuss.  This might not sound like much to the uninitiated, but for those who have previously invested with launchpads, they will know that the claiming process can sometimes be a teeth pulling experience! 

Orbeon Protocol will launch on Ethereum but will expand to Polygon, BSC and Solana.  


The exciting token features and utilities of ORBN

 Whilst you don’t need to hold ORBN to participate in presales, (another feature that revolutionizes the existing crypto launchpad and community VC landscape), there are significant benefits to doing so, including:

  1. Staking which allows holders to earn a passive income 
  2. Governance, meaning that holders will be able to vote on key decisions and which upcoming projects to bring to the platform
  3. Discounts on trading fees in Orbeon Protocol’s DEX and cashback rewards which will be paid out USDC
  4. Priority access to up and coming funding rounds
  5. Access to exclusive investor groups

Yet another exciting feature of ORBN is that Orbeon Protocol will burn a percentage of ORBN when sales or purchases of the token are made, a strategy that has helped to boost the price of popular cryptos coins such as SHIB and BNB.

What will happen next to the price of ORBN?

After the presale ends, prices will rise.  There is about one month left of the presale but it should be noted that about 50% of the presale tokens have been sold already. 

ORBN will launch on Uniswap for a minimum of $0.06, representing a huge 1400% increase for investors who got in on the first round, and a very respectable 100% increase for investors buying now at the current price of $0.0362.  Naturally the price of $0.06 is just the start, and if market analysts are correct then ORBN may well hit the $0.24 mark, a 695% increase for those getting in now on the third stage of the presale. 

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