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Immigration from Dubai with the help of CitizenSL

My immigration from Dubai

While living in Dubai, I owned a solar panel installation business which I inherited from my father. The industry was profitable, but the market in my hometown was saturated with competitors. It was becoming increasingly unaffordable to attract new customers as bigger companies entered the field.

While researching online, I noticed many articles and reviews highlighting that my product was highly demanded in Europe. I decided to relocate my business from Dubai to the EU and obtain citizenship there to access simplified company registration procedures and the European banking system. CitizenSL, the immigration company which I found through numerous positive Internet reviews, assisted me during my relocation.

I liked the positive reputation this organization had on the Internet. In reviews about, clients highlighted the fact that the company:

  • Offers reliable immigration services;
  • Only operates within official EU programs;
  • Charges fees and provides services in accordance with the cooperation agreement;
  • Provides remote support, including consultations;
  • Helps throughout all stages of obtaining EU citizenship, not just with document preparation.

After reading reviews about CitizenSL I felt confident in choosing this company and decided to leave an application for a free initial consultation on its website.

Consultation from immigration company CitizenSL

I had discovered from the website description and reviews about CitizenSL that this organization had no offices in Dubai. However, when I called it, I was offered an online consultation. At the agreed time and date, an expert contacted me. Right from the first words, he appeared welcoming and truly competent. Instead of wasting time, specialist started asking me about my reasons for immigrating to the EU and whether I had relatives there. I shared my story, told him what I knew about resettlement from articles and reviews, and mentioned that I just have a territorial affiliation with that state. 

When I finished, the CitizenSL lawyer began explaining the process of immigration to the EU. Specifically, he started pointing out Romania. He told me that I could obtain citizenship through repatriation. I knew from Internet reviews that I could become an EU citizen within a year through this program, which suited my needs.

I started asking questions about repatriation and other legal matters I was interested in and the CitizenSL expert answered them clearly and gave legal references. I had a positive personal experience. I learnt everything I needed and realized that with such an expert in the immigration field I would easily obtain European citizenship. We discussed all stages of cooperation and later I signed an official agreement, the existence of which was highly praised in reviews. It contained the cost of CitizenSL legal services and other important provisions, such as the guarantee of my confidentiality.

Immigration to Romania from Dubai

The process of cooperation with CitizenSL was similar to what was discussed during the initial consultation and what I had read in other immigrants’ reviews. It consisted of five stages:

1) Document collection

Guided by the lawyer, I collected the necessary documentation and sent it to him. This stage took three months because my property ownership certificates were in Romania. Special thanks to CitizenSL experts who agreed to gather them by themselves. 

2) Preparing documents for submission 

CitizenSL lawyers translated my certificates into Romanian and notarized them. The whole process took less than a month, similar to the time frame I had seen in customers’ reviews.

3) Applying for repatriation procedure at the Romanian Ministry of Justice

CitizenSL experts submitted all the prepared documents on my behalf, according to the power of attorney I had signed. I did not have to fly to the Ministry of Justice in Bucharest until the oath-taking ceremony. Lawyers also oversaw the whole digitalization process, which took 6 months in total. It lasted longer than described in CitizenSL clients’ reviews.

4) Taking the oath

Once my documents were processed, CitizenSL specialist invited me to visit Romania to complete the remaining immigration procedures. The oath-taking ceremony had gone smoothly. My lawyer accompanied me, gave me advice and I successfully received my citizenship certificate.

5) European passport registration

The CitizenSL specialist helped me to register internal EU documents. These included a driver’s license, an international passport and a Romanian ID card.

Romanian passport, which I obtained with the support of Citizensl

My review of CitizenSL

The whole process of acquiring Romanian citizenship via repatriation with the help of CitizenSL took 11 months. Thanks to the expertise of its lawyers, I can confidently launch my own solar panel installation company in Europe. I intend to start in Romania because my product is in high demand here, according to reviews. I recommend CitizenSL to anyone wishing to obtain citizenship through repatriation! The company’s specialists provide excellent support in this matter and make it well worth the money to make the immigration process easy.

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