Immediate Edge Malaysia Reviews 2022 – An Overview of Immediate Edge Malaysia

Immediate Edge Malaysia” – Cryptocurrency is the fastest growing market in the world. It has grown radically over the years. People are shocked at how any market can get so big in such a short period. You’ll be amazed to know that last year, NFTs alone hit $17.6 billion. 

Isn’t that astonishing? But it’s undeniable that there are risks associated with bitcoin that you must be aware of. They are not under your control in any way. You can’t even touch them; they’re simply online.

Your entire investment could be lost in under a minute.While you can multiply your investment in a matter of seconds. So, ups and downs are part of the trading of digital assets. 

But, the thing is, most people are afraid of investing in digital assets as they don’t want to lose their money. For such people, there are the best trading platforms that decrease the risks of trading and get you rid of the uncertainty. One such trading platform is Immediate Edge Malaysia

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This trading platform has gained a lot of popularity in a very short period of time. But, due to a lot of scams on trading platforms, traders are not able to trust this platform. Thus, we’re going to give you a complete Immediate Edge Malaysia review so that you can decide whether or not you should invest in this trading platform.

Kindly ensure to read this entire essay so you don’t miss anything crucial if you want to learn anything in a decent way.

Let’s get to the point without further killing too much time.

Minimum Deposit: $250
Trading Fees: Small commission on profits
Account Fees: Zero
Deposit/Withdrawal Fees: Zero
Software cost: Zero
Subscription cost: Zero


An Overview of Immediate Edge Malaysia

Quantum is an automated trading platform that is run by robots. It is unaffected by human intervention. The robots themselves handle the majority of the job. This trading platform is designed to help traders make more profit by trading in digital assets with little fear of risk. 

It makes it easier for the traders to get the most out of trading opportunities that most traders neglect due to uncertainty. What do robots do on this platform? 

The robots suggest utilising the trading load by automating your trades and assisting you in selecting the best entry and exit positions to optimise your profits.

A group of knowledgeable traders and mathematicians is reported to have created Immediate Edge Malaysia with the goal of assisting as many traders as possible in profiting from the market.

For our assessment of Immediate Edge Malaysia, we looked for information on the developers but were unable to locate much.

Although the absence of information about the creators can be a warning sign, many crypto businesses operate without making their owners’ and developers’ identities known to the general public. 

Just like Bitcoin, no one knows who developed Bitcoin except the name, which is either of a group or an individual. Using the trading load and assisting you in increasing your wealth are the main goals of Immediate Edge Malaysia.

The bot uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyse the market and look for patterns.

The next step is to determine the best entry and exit points for trading while concentrating on maximising your profits.

According to the creators of Immediate Edge Malaysia, the bot can assist traders in making profitable transactions 90% of the time. We were unable to verify this from other Immediate Edge Malaysia evaluations, so we will advise you to exercise caution when trading.

 How Does Immediate Edge Malaysia Work?

You can trade contracts for difference (CFDs) on the stock market, which is how Immediate Edge Malaysia functions.To put it another way, cryptocurrency CFDs are derivatives that provide you with the option to purchase or sell a coin at a specific price and moment.

As a result, they let you trade cryptocurrencies in long or short positions, and they are crucial to understanding how Immediate Edge Malaysia operates.CFD trading may, however, be highly hazardous, so it’s vital to keep that in mind. 

Investors should trade these assets with extreme caution because they are exceedingly hazardous, as stated on the Immediate Edge Malaysia website. To trade bitcoins successfully, Immediate Edge Malaysia uses artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

The technology is designed to parse the market and assess market trends in real-time by combining the two ideas. Based on the study, it chooses the appropriate sites for entry and exit. 

The trading mechanism can be customised by users of this platform to suit their tastes. You are urged to assume control of your situation and so lessen any potential negative effects. It is claimed that Immediate Edge Malaysia collaborates with licensed brokers who manage and execute trades.

Brokers are involved in Immediate Edge Malaysia’s activities, and they help to ensure your financial success as a result of utilising this system.

The architects of Immediate Edge Malaysia are of the opinion that they are authorised and managed, despite the paucity of information about them.

Open an account with Immediate Edge now!

Trading Leverage In Immediate Edge Malaysia

There is no information about leveraged trading or margin on the robot’s website.

The majority of trading robots often offer services for trading with high leverage. Brokers give traders a sizable chunk of cash for leveraged trading (also known as margin trading), which the traders use to place trades along with their own investment. Theoretically, larger traders profit more. 

The trader then fully reimburses the broker and maintains their own profit. Leveraged trading, however, has risk and might put you in a financial bind. The majority of online trading bots provide leveraged trading, often up to a 1000:1 ratio. 

Margin trading may be available on authorised cryptocurrency exchanges, but it won’t be as high as it is with unregulated brokers or bots (like Immediate Edge Malaysia). You should only attempt leveraged trading if you are a seasoned trader with the financial means to repay the borrowed funds.

Features of Immediate Edge Malaysia

It’s important to know about the features of any trading platform to decide if we should invest in it or not. Because, until we know what benefits a trading platform will provide us, how will we be able to invest in it? 

For that reason, now we’re going to tell you about all the amazing features of Immediate Edge Malaysia so you can make the correct decisions.

1) Sign-Up And Verification Are Too Fast

The thing we like the most about this trading platform is that it doesn’t make you wait too long for the verification or sign up. You can do this in minutes. 

Also, anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) checks are typically required these days before you can utilise a crypto service. These procedures are typically drawn-out and time-consuming. 

However, none of these procedures are necessary to use Immediate Edge Malaysia.According to the website, you can sign up in just a few minutes and begin utilising the service right away.Your name, email address, and phone number are required to log in.

2) Great Trading System

In today’s market, a lot of crypto trading robots look for advantages. In the end, it might not even be necessary to have a significant competitive edge.

The competitive advantage for Immediate Edge Malaysia is their allegedly amazing trading system based on artificial intelligence. Immediate Edge Malaysia, an artificial trading bot, focuses on analysing the market and identifying key patterns to help you make profit.

Its creators have asserted that it has a 90% success rate.

We were unable to confirm this, so we advise you to use caution while interacting with this bot.

The platform ought to be usable by both novice and experienced traders, but it’s critical to have sound trade management protocols to protect against market downturns. Because of how erratic the cryptocurrency market is, you don’t want your trade to lose money.

3) Multi-Currency Support

We observed that Immediate Edge Malaysia allows trading in three different currencies when conducting our review (BCH): Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

This flexibility enables investors to diversify their portfolios and hold a variety of positions. Even if it is not the most versatile bot, Immediate Edge Malaysia claims to offer sufficient versatility. While trading, always keep in mind to safeguard yourself from the market’s turbulence. When you are certain of your strategy, only open positions.

4) Demo Account Available

If you’re a beginner, it can be dangerous for you to directly invest your money in any trading platform. You lack trading expertise and experience. right? But, thanks to the amazing demo account of Immediate Edge Malaysia. 

In this demo account, you get virtual money to invest in the platform to learn. You practise your skills and improve them by not losing your money. Once you’re rustled up for trading, you can shift to the real account of the platform. 

A demo account isn’t only beneficial for beginners but also for advanced traders. How? Advanced traders can test their skills and strategies on the demo account to see if they’re working for them. If these strategies work for them, they can then use them on their original account to earn a profit. That’s awesome.

5) Affordable Tools

You must have noticed that most of the trading platforms available on the internet charge you a lot of money for their trading tools. But, if you’re a user of the Immediate Edge Malaysia trading platform, then all of the trading tools are inexpensive for you. 

They assert that you only have to pay 0.01 percent of your total profits and that the robot doesn’t charge any fees. If this is the case, the Immediate Edge Malaysia robot would rank among the most affordable crypto trading bots available.

6) Immediate Edge Malaysia Fees


Registration Fee None
Commissions 0.01%
Activation Fee 0
Account Upkeep Charge 0
Charges for transactions 0

7) Incredible Customer Support

Customer support is a must for any trading platform. Because you may need it at any time. There isn’t a contact form on Immediate Edge Malaysia’s website.

When users open an account, a broker representative will get in touch with them. Users may be able to get in touch with the broker by phone or email, but some users have reported difficulty getting through to the Immediate Edge Malaysia customer care team when they needed help.

8) Compatibility With Smartphones

The Immediate Edge Malaysia trading platform is compatible with your smartphone as well. It means you’ll be able to get in touch with your investments and the insights of your assets wherever you go.

9) 90% Trading Accuracy

The Immediate Edge Malaysia crypto trading platform has been programmed to function with a highly accurate trading robot, which results in a steady flow of income from the cryptocurrency market.

The system’s accuracy has been attributed to the fact that the platform operates independently of outside influences and that transactions are conducted using a top-notch crypto trading framework created by the experts who developed the crypto trading system.

10) Payment Methods

  • Credit card.
  • Debit card.
  • Bank transfer.

How To Sign Up On Immediate Edge Malaysia?

Step 1, Register With The Robot

Head over to the Immediate Edge Malaysia website and Fill out the registration form on the Immediate Edge Malaysia website with your information, and then confirm your account by clicking the link in the confirmation email you received. Open an account with Immediate Edge now!

Step 2, Fulfil The KYC Procedure

  • Await a call from the broker representation. Once they do, finish the KYC procedure and send in your deposit.

Step 3, Start With The Demo Account

  • On the demo account, create a trading procedure or strategy and familiarise yourself with the robot’s characteristics. You can switch back to your standard account once you understand how the bot functions.

Step 4, Adapt Your Trading Approach

  • Set stop-loss parameters and restrictions in accordance with your trading budget and objectives.

Step 5, Start Trading Live

  • Now the signup procedure has been completed. To begin trading, enable live trading on your Immediate Edge Malaysia account.

Is Immediate Edge Malaysia a Scam?

Now comes the most important part: if Immediate Edge Malaysia is a scam or a legit platform, This information is unconfirmable. Immediate Edge Malaysia, however, is adamant that it has the characteristics of a trustworthy cryptocurrency initiative. 

The bot’s main goal is to ease your worries, and it provides complete customization so you may choose the ideal trading conditions. The creators of Immediate Edge Malaysia have also stated that the bot only cooperates with licensed brokers who are subject to stringent customer protection regulations.

Market risk should always be considered by traders. So proceed with the utmost caution when dealing with this trading bot and the market in general.


Immediate Edge Malaysia is a crypto trading platform designed to decrease the risk in trading. It’s totally Ai based and run by robots. The main purpose of this platform is to help you make consistent profit by trading. 

This platform claims 90% trading accuracy which shows how trustworthy this platform is. The minimum Immediate Edge Malaysia investment is only $250, which is peanuts. It makes it an affordable trading platform as well.

But, remember, no matter how trustworthy a trading platform is, if you don’t have knowledge about trading, you’ll lose your investment. Also, crypto is the most fluctuating market. 

You never know when any digital asset is either going to go down or hike up. For that reason, always be ready for the challenges and keep improving your skills.

So, this was Immediate Edge Malaysia review for you in which we’ve explained everything in simple words. Still, we’re always here for you. You can comment down below your doubts and we’ll try our best to clear them.

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