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If you use video conferencing platforms often, you may have some problems with finding that single tool that would combine all the necessary features you need. But it doesn’t mean such tools do not exist. Let’s get acquainted with the iMind solution – an app for a video conference that provides ample room for professional activities with decent sufficiency of functionality for comfortable communication. 

The iMind project

iMind is not new to this world, but only in recent years, it has started gaining more and more popularity on the world market. The project exists since 2011 and belongs to the Mind company which is occupied in telecommunication technologies. The project developed rapidly because of a set of factors that included:

  • a strong idea;
  • a team of talented professionals;
  • a thrill for experiments and new approaches.

These conditions caused that soon, iMind started working with the biggest national telecommunication organizations. One of the events that the team organized was recorded in Guinness World Records 2012 as the most large-scale web conference ever organized. 

During the platform development, the iMind team tried to find new solutions for old problems and succeeded with this initiative – they patented the results of their job in the USA. 

In 2022, the iMind tool for online meetings and chat for business was considered one of the industry leaders, according to G2 reviews. 

Why is iMind the most relevant tool for online meetings today?

Due to a team’s rich experience of working with different means for remote communication, they understand well what people need when it touches to professional activities. The most frequent issues are always the easiest to reveal – that’s why iMind paid the most attention to the balance between everything people need and the accessibility of the tools that meet these requirements. In other words, iMind just meets the modern market demand and keeps the solution relevant by constantly updating and developing the tool. 

Features of the iMind tool

The iMind platform offers many options to apply to make your online interaction even more comfortable. For example, among the features that are available by default, you will find:

  • A free plan that functions the same well as paid subscriptions. It is not temporary and provides most features present in the app. But it has some reasonable limits that you won’t even notice if using the solution for the tasks it is suggested for. 
  • Understandable minimalistic interface and intuitive operation principles. Creating a new room does not take more than a minute, to join a call – you’ll have to spend even less time. Exploring other functions is not complicated too – every button is visible and intuitively realizable.
  • High quality of the sound and video. To enhance your ability to talk and hear with comfort, iMind provides noise suppression. Volume-setting can be helpful if you have different appliances with your colleagues and you need to set them up in a dissimilar way. 
  • Information exchange and collection. For better visibility of your discussions, you can use screen sharing concurrently. To have a chance to rewatch the conference later, there’s a recording function. To use the benefits of a chat, you need to buy a Pro subscription. 
  • Finally, you can use the tool through a browser or your smartphone. It improves mobility considerably and allows for more flexibility in your busy schedule. 

iMind provides it to any user, and to benefit from more features, you can choose a convenient subscription plan. The chargeable plans are designed for businesses of various sizes:

  • Pro – for small teams;
  • Business – for small companies;
  • Enterprise – for large businesses.

Each upgrade has its advantages, but if you buy the plan corresponding to your level, it will suit your requirements for sure. If you have some doubts about which option to choose, consult the iMind specialists and they suggest you the answer.

The first steps with iMind

Starting working with iMind is simple. Before creating your first conference room, you need to:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose “Login” or “Create a new room” on the home page.
  3. The button will redirect you to the welcome page where you’ll have to choose how to enter the platform: through an account or using your e-mail. 
  4. When the platform launches, the first thing you see is the page where you have to choose the plan. If you’re using the platform for the first time, start from “free” and explore it.
  5. Here you are on your account page. 

The minimum of buttons and menus makes it simple to handle the tool from the first minute.

When choosing a platform for video conferencing, there are a lot of questions to think about. But the baseline thing is how comfortable the work will be for you and other participants in the process. iMind provides the maximum comfort – visit the website and check it out!

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