Reviews Reviews: A Cutting Edge Video Conferencing Platform in the United States is a cutting edge video conferencing tool available for use in the United States. It is designed to optimize virtual meetings, organize training and communication between employees and customers. But how effective is this app for video chats? In this short review, you’ll find out everything you need to know. 


iMind is a functional tool for organizing video conferences, webinars and broadcasts. This video conferencing tool can increase work efficiency, simplify the organization of virtual meetings, help communicate with clients and partners, and save on travel and training needs. 

At the same time, the service allows you to adjust the communication quality from the lowest (in case of unstable communication) to HD, ensuring the protection of the communication channel according to modern standards.

iMind can be easily integrated into various corporate systems, customized to the needs of the client, able to conduct polls and votes, as well as record conferences and webinars. We found out that recording can be started in one click, kept on the server for maximum quality (regardless of connection stability) and, if necessary, downloaded from your personal account.

The service has a great reputation online and among those who have used the service. The iMind reviews on TrustPilot are mostly positive and the overall rating from users in the United States is around 4.5 out of 5. 

Key Highlights of the iMind Video Conferencing Tool

Here are the key highlights of the iMind video conferencing tool:

  • participation and organization of webinars, video and audio conferences;
  • notifications about upcoming events with your participation;
  • view speaker documentation;
  • chat with other conference participants;
  • free version and free trial for paid versions;
  • screen sharing. 

iMind is a great video conferencing tool that can be used to take care of business communication. With this, every business can communicate virtually without stress. 

Who Is This Service For?

iMind Server is a chat for business solution with extensive customization, integration, monitoring and statistics. The system is either already installed by partners on a hardware video conferencing server, or can be independently installed in 20-30 minutes by a system administrator or a qualified user using an installer. The system integrates with business platforms and scales according to the needs of the company. 

It helps reduce time for making important decisions and discuss operational issues from anywhere in the world, wherever you are: in the office, at home, on the road, in a cafe.

iMind also expands the capabilities of scheduling video conferences and webinars to mobile phones and computer systems so a meeting is even possible on the go or in an office. 

Accessibility for every user is perhaps the most important feature of the iMind platform. You don’t need a powerful laptop to take part in a video call. A mobile device is enough, as both Android and iOS are great for accessing video conferencing using a mobile app.

Final Words 

Individuals and business owners who want to interview prospects, schedule a meeting with employees, partners or other stakeholders may have a dozen of video-conferencing tools already. But not all of them provide as much customizability as iMind provides. iMind offers businesses more security with the WebRTC and encryption features but it also allows businesses an integration of their own server for an even more safer and easier to manage communication model. 

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