It is official, the IMC Token known as the first Hybridcoin will be available at Binance for buying and selling.

For those who dont know this token as yet and its concept we will explain it in a simple way.

IMCoin in is a coin that combines two concepts, the stablecoin and performing Coin. How is that possible?

IMC has an underlying that supports its value, as the same as USDT Coin, each currency sold is paid by its value in USD subject to an audited trading account in public, but unlike USDT this underlying does not stay held but is operating in different markets and strategies to increase the value and win over positively for IMC price.

The increase in the value of the underlying will raise the backed of this token.  Hence the concept of Hybrid Coin and people who like stablecoins, won’t have to sacrifice the profitability and get used to a stable value since they will get at the same time a utility with this coin.

The underlying has a track record audited of almost 600 days, showing being very successful on their strategies and reliable being close to 4% of profitability monthly!

IMC ends its ICO phase successfully achieving the sale of more than 20 million tokens and a capitalization of more than 50 USD million and come out to the market at Binance on April 15, 2021 complying along with the roadmap.

The release at Binance will count with 3 stages to build his launch strategy presenting a big opportunity for Investors.

In the first stage, IMC will be available at Binance DEX, the decentralized environment of the largest exchange worldwide, will start as a BEP8 Token and can be bought at a price close to 3.00 USD.

Keep on mind the IMC price will be subject to the back fund of the Hybridcoin.

Shall be made available 1 Million IMC at this stage so we can consider a very interesting opportunity since the projection seems to be bullish as most likely.

In the second Stage, after finishing the sale of the million tokens in BEP8, IMCoin will pass to BINANCE DEX BEP2, they will have a open price of 3.90 USD producing a expected benefit for the holders who purchased IMC previosly in BEP8.

 10 million Tokens will be available at this stage and after fulfilling with this objective, it will go over to Stage 3, Binance CEX.

For this third stage, it’s estimated to turn up a potent attractive for Institutional investors due to this is will be the first and unique Hybrid Coin in the centralized market in the best and largest world exchange inducing to a big cap. 

The estimated price for IMC would hit the 5.00 USD at the time of concluding this stage, taking the number of tokens sold divided by the reserve fund which will be close to the 200,000,000, USD and give benefits to the users who acquired IMC in the prior phases of BEP8 and BEP2.

IMCoin seems not having limits of growth, fulfill your goals, and proposes to be a stable and profitable coin being the only one of its type, known as Hrybridcoin with a wide improvement range at the services offered by the Stablecoin.



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