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Imagine a World with Super Bowls for Women Athletes – a Super Bowl Panel Elevating Women’s Voices

Women Athletes

According to the Women’s Sports Foundation, less than 4% of sports media coverage goes to female athletes. That number is even lower globally, and practically nonexistent for athletes with disabilities, black and brown athletes, lesbian or bi-sexual athletes, Muslim or Jewish athletes… the list goes on and on… And of the measly 4% of coverage, HOW women have been historically covered is degrading and undermines the value of who these athletes are: coverage has historically lacked data/stats, sexualizes the women or focuses on elements such as beauty or jersey design, and simply has not put the athlete first. Lastly, WHO’S doing the talking about women in sports has historically been 89% men — only 11% of sports broadcasters are women. 

Last year 99 million people tuned in for the Super Bowl. Imagine if that number of people showed up for women in sports. Flame Bearers is trying to be a part of making that happen. In collaboration with THIS IS IT NETWORK™, a global, female, and minority-owned digital streaming platform, Flame Bearers is bringing three elite woman athletes to the Super Bowl, and creating a space for them to share their stories. Flame Bearers is the preeminent storytelling platform shining light on women Olympians and Paralympians from across the globe and a community galvanized around women helping to craft a new narrative. Flame Bearers’ Founder, Jamie Mittelman believes it’s really hard to be what you can’t see (and hear!), so she’s passionate about making sure that little girls in all corners of the world have role models in sport they can look up to who look and sound like them. “If you don’t have someone to look up to who you can relate to, it’s hard to know who and what you can become. I want to be a part of making sure that little girls everywhere have athletes they can aspire to be like.”  

The conversation will be moderated by THIS IS IT NETWORK™ Founder, Cheldin Barlatt Rumer with participants including Mittelman, and three Team USA athletes: Kendall Gretsch, Tianna Madison, and Nicky Nieves. While these athletes have a combined 8 gold medals between them, they will be talking about how to create more space for women, and parawomen in sport, and how we can make sure that one day, there are Super Bowls, and people show up, in each of their respective sports. USA Sitting Volleyball player, Nicky Nieves, said she’s all in on this conversation because “It’s important for people to see other individuals that look like them. I’m a firm believer in supporting the movement for women in sports, women’s empowerment, and women in leadership, so for me, this panel was very important for me to be attend.” The panel will provide a platform for marginalized voices that have been ignored for too long and give a voice to women who have not been celebrated enough.

Join the Discussion

We invite you to join the discussion on Saturday, February 11th, as Flame Bearers leads this inspiring conversation. With the power of sports to bring people together and create positive change, let’s come together to celebrate the achievements of women in sports and work towards creating a more equitable future for them.

In conclusion, the Flamebearers Super Bowl panel is a critical step towards creating a more inclusive sports landscape where women are valued and celebrated equally. With the help of incredible female athletes, Jamie Mittleman, and the support of the THIS IS IT NETWORK, community, we can work towards creating a more equal and equitable future for women in sports.

Flamebearers: Empowering Women in Sports with a Mission-Driven Vision

Flamebearers is a community of individuals who are dedicated to illuminating the unsung stories of resilient women in athletics. Their mission is to inspire people to drive change for themselves, their connections with others, and their communities. The organization is driven by a clear vision of creating a world where people feel more represented, empowered to show resolve as they face their future, and enlightened about the power of community.

Through their initiatives and events,Flame Bearers aims to promote the achievements of female athletes and bring about a positive change in the sports landscape. By shining a light on the stories of women who have overcome adversity and achieved great success, they hope to inspire others to pursue their dreams and create a more inclusive and equitable future for women in sports. The organization’s values of resilience, representation, empowerment, and community are at the forefront of its mission, and they are committed to working towards a better future for women in sports.

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