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Ilan Tzorya, International Business Consultant: “This is my secret”

Traumatic events often find us mentally unstable. In the economic sphere, the capital market and investment world can be taken as an example. A field is full of axioms created by academics from economics, finance, and statistics. Some of them have already been shattered but others are still with us, and these do not always stand the test of reality.

Ilan Tzorya is an international business consultant who accompanies many companies and examines the decision-making process. According to him, defeats in the capital market are an excellent example of why one should dare to act against the trend and not accept anything for granted.

Ilan Tzorya: “To insist on the inner truth, not to succumb to pressures and temptations and to conduct themselves in the long run, these are not slogans.

For many years, a school of thought ruled that the economic world operated in an efficient, rational and efficient manner. Recent studies in the field prove that the opposite is true. Investment decisions and management decisions are made emotionally.

We asked Ilan Tzorya to choose three emphases that may help company managers in the decision-making process.

Use of research tools – The global market has always had a great deal of information. Technological improvements have made it easier to obtain information. The role of the research team is to produce relevant and accurate economic analysis. According to Ilan Tzorya, after examining the information, it is possible to obtain qualitative recommendations that help in making a rational and comprehensive decision.

Self-discipline and perseverance – Events and news that is perceived as negative occur all the time. Once a business strategy has been decided, one must know how to ignore time noise. A task that is not at all simple. A manager is given every day to make decisions on a long list of issues. Time management. Ability to act according to the order of importance. Critical features of success.

Listening – Each manager comes with experiences, experiences, and principles, the strategies we have learned and formulated during our lives are the ones that have made us better. One of the fundamental principles recommended by Ilan Tzorya is to encompass our regulatory environment in a variety of different opinions. “Beyond thinking openness, be sure to hear ideas and directions of thinking that are contrary to your opinion, which will encourage creativity and prevent mental fixation, an essential element for any business manager who wants to remain relevant.

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